Encounter with Heidegger: An Invitation to Journey | ALEXANDER DUGIN

Being a thinker of the West, Heidegger thinks at dusk; even more than at dusk – nocturnally. He sees his mission in summarizing the whole Western philosophical tradition. In some sense his books are the last thing that can be said in the “evening language”. Heidegger’s language is not the language of Heidegger as an individual; it is the final chord of the Western European language. Heidegger is the last point of Western European thinking. He and his philosophy are not a particular case; they are destiny, fate (in the sense of the fulfillment of the afore-spoken). “At the beginning of language lies a poem”, Heidegger says. At the end of language lies the philosophy of Martin Heidegger. And it wants to become the beginning of a new language, a presage of the language of the morning.

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