The Fourth Political Theory and the Problem of the Devil | ALEXANDER DUGIN

The whole history of modernity passed under the sign of these three political theories, which embodied the very matrix, the very paradigm of the political philosophy of modern times. And they were all built on the logic of the political philosophy of the Mother: they were all materialistic, evolutionary, progressive, they all viewed the structure of the world from the bottom up, and not from the top down, that is, they were built on the foundation of an immanent materialistic doctrine.

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The Metaphysical Roots of Political Ideologies | Alexander Dugin

We believe that the origins of politics and man’s political self-determination first and foremost stem from certain metaphysical dogmas, and only later do they draw slogans and cliches from the specific social reality through which these dogmas find their direct expression. Moreover, in most cases these dogmas themselves remain entirely behind the scenes, and not only an ideology’s ordinary representatives but also its exponents or “creators” at times do not even have the slightest idea of such. These metaphysical dogmas can take root in a person through either the semantic implication of traditional symbols and signs (the cultural and social factor), through innate psycho-mental attitudes (the psycho-genetic factor), or through man’s existential reaction to Being (the existentialist factor). In any case, the metaphysical dogmas which predetermine ideology are experienced by man as something internal, unconditional, and as some kind of existential imperative.

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The rebels refuse to participate in U.S.-Russian deal | Colonel Cassad

Part of the militant groups in southern Syria refused to participate in U.S.-Russian deal on Syria. Those who refused to participate were the groups associated with “Al-Nusra”, which is not surprising.

Thus, as before, it is possible to diagnose the simple fact that the United States are unable (or unwilling) to exercise full control over those groups, to which they always commit themselves.

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