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One reader sent a link to an interesting review material dedicated to various PMCs in force in Ukraine during the local civil war.

WHAT private military companies and what they do in Ukraine?

About private military companies (PMCs) Ukraine began to talk not so long ago and very few. The information that applies to the PMC, to put it mildly, leaves much to be desired. In order to deal with the fact that such a private military company, you need to process large amounts of information. Let’s start from the beginning.
What are PMCs? If we are to be very brief, this is denoted by the abbreviation of business, profit from services in the application of an organized military force or attendant. And if you give a social assessment, it is amazingly eerie phenomenon of our time: the result of matching capital and organized armed forces. Historical precedents of such companies should be sought in the activity of the first large capitalist enterprises of the second half of the XIX century. This is the East India Company and railway construction companies in the United States. And, nevertheless, it is a phenomenon of the modern era. Sometimes the story PMC “udrevnyayut” almost to the time of Pharaoh Ramses. It is not right. PMC – is primarily a capitalist enterprises that operate in the market. Those. before the emergence of capitalism and the market for services they could not arise. Of course, the PMC can and should be compared with the mercenaries of various times and peoples, but not identified.

The most powerful PMC today trace their origins back in the 30 years of the twentieth century, and during the Second World War. It is companies like Morrison Knudsen Corporation, DynCorp, Kellogg Brown & Root. The last one, by the way, and gave humanity the first atomic bomb. These companies are engaged in the construction and logistics in the interests of the army and other security agencies of the United States. Left banal scheme. Instead of building a military base at public expense by the engineer units lobbyists chose the option of building the forces of PMCs. The base was built at inflated 2-3 times the price. Thus, the first PMC amassing their wealth at the expense of the ordinary budget of vampirism rivate-Military-Companies

In the 1960s we began to form private military companies in Africa. They were created from the old mercenary gangs, every “veterans’ organizations” and so forth. These companies are engaged in the most ordinary war for money.
In the 1990s began a new boom in the privatization of military services in the United States. And PMCs began to grow and grow like mushrooms after rain. After a terrible invasion and subsequent policy towards the former Yugoslavia, was finally formed yet another pillar of the PMC. It – perform the “dirty” work previously performed by various intelligence agencies.

The infamous MPRI, which got into the habit conspiracy called the “secret world government army,” and then proved not in the best light. This is the company that developed the operation “Storm” – cleansing of the Serbian Krajina by the Croatian army. In 2008, she also developed a plan of “Operation Clean Field” – the Georgian army offensive in South Ossetia. Oddly enough, but officially MPRI – purely humanitarian organization that has been absorbed by the same “peace”, “no-PMCs» L-3. The employees of this company, performing the functions of military translators commissioned by the US Army in Iraq, repeatedly raped Iraqi prisoners during interrogations 013/01 / 2013193300675421.html. During this L-3 material compensation for the families of those killed and injured. The previously mentioned “old» DynCorp in the second half of 1990 turned out to be convicted of the sex trade in Serbia. (Traded by the way, Ukrainian, what even filmed movies n / 15 / bosnia-sex-trafficking-whistleblowe r in the United States Ukrainian emigrants). The scandal has been implicated senior officials from the UN, but no special responsibility for it has not suffered.

After the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq PMC began to develop more rapidly. Around the same time, many war correspondents came on hearing the word of Blackwater. The conscience of militants from Blackwater many crimes are simply impossible to hide. This is very much written, even in Wikipedia. Employees of PMCs behaved egregiously they repeatedly shot Iraqi civilians, American soldiers, journalists, and even the official bodyguards. For all this, no one answered. Online information about such things abound. In his book, Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army Jeremy Skeyhill American journalist he wrote that during the years of the occupation of Iraq in the country by the PMC (a variety of not only Blackwater – AM) were killed about 2 million. People. Even if these figures are inflated, it’s still terribly much.

After the oil rush in Iraq, formed another important component of the private military business – oil, fight for it and ensuring production. Iraq and Libya are a classic example of such oil hunting of private military companies. Thus, the main items of income most successful PMC reduced to the following three important things: the provision of goods and services to governments at highly inflated prices (sometimes even forced to such orders), over-exploitation of natural resources, especially oil, gas and rare earth metals, perform the “dirty “Work (punitive actions, creation and development of destructive organizations, drug and human trafficking, etc.).
Some of the important areas of work of the PMC should also add a “struggle” with the ubiquitous sea pirates and rescue missions to combat the effects of different disasters. But that is another story, which is written before our eyes. Very briefly, we note that the pirate danger was generated by the PMCs, namely protection and British intelligence corporations to under the guise of the fight against piracy, to increase the military presence in the major maritime trade routes. A PMC, which perform “functions MOE” – this is mainly a problem in the United States and Australia. These companies operate on the principle: “There is money – extinguish the fire, there is no money – not extinguish.”

Private military companies phenomenon purely corporate, international. These structures are very nice break illusions about the nature of “national” states, and also show a good degree of globalization of the world economy.
Briefed the phenomenon of PMCs, move on to the main issues. Namely, whether there is a PMC in Ukraine, and if so, what are they doing?
PMCs in Ukraine, of course, there is. They should be divided into two groups. One group – those PMCs, which can be called “Ukrainian” because they are registered, and their functionaries are mainly Ukrainians. The second group of PMCs should include companies that operate in Ukraine, but owned by foreigners, and serve their interests.

Let’s start with the PMC, which are registered in Ukraine. Our country was among the first countries that have ratified the main global instrument on private military companies – “DocumentMontreux » nloads / edazen / topics / intla / humlaw.Par.00 63.File.tmp / Montreux 20Document% 20% (r) .pd f neither noncommittal piece of paper, put it bluntly. Among Ukrainian companies PMC appear to protect the marine transport from pirates. This Odessa company “Albatros” and Mykolaiv company “Vega”, last some “journalists” tried to accuse of involvement in the conflict in the South-East. According to the information that was able to find both of these PMCs are working abroad, ensuring the safety of ships of foreign shipowners. This is where their activity is limited to official information.

With other companies interesting. Not far from the capital, in Slavutych is a private military company “Omega Consulting» On the official website of the company in the number of customers indicated and the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. Early on the site was also the announcement of the invitation to the work of the military adviser. Then this ad disappeared. Officially, the company is engaged in security business, as well as training the security forces and bodyguards. An interesting element of the PMC business – an exciting experience with children and moneybags. Do you want to learn how to shoot a gun – Pay a hundred bucks. Do you want a machine – Pay a hundred bucks, too. Do you want to learn how to survive in the woods through urban world? It also costs a hundred bucks. One of the left-wing Ukrainian journalists at the dawn of the war in the Donbass noted amusing hysteria Kiev petty bourgeoisie. It is very often became “militarizovyvatsya.” People bought their hunting rifles, tactical flashlights, tactical pants and so on. In this fashion make good business projects such as “Omega”. Of course, to be able to shoot well from the gun, hold it – it’s really cool. But there are things needed, and is – not very. Of course, much easier to teach the fat cats in the darkness to find the bottom of the backpack tactical tactical first-aid kit with the help of a tactical flashlight, than, for example, to carry out fire from tanks and howitzers. Thus, for the country’s defense, which supposedly cared for it – absolutely useless thing, it’s like “necessity” of ballroom dancing or origami for high school. This in itself is not bad, but without it you can easily manage. Speaking of school. Ukraine – one of the few countries in the world where an active role in the education of children and young people are taking private military companies. This deals with the same “Omega”, its employees even published articles about how to teach children to love their homeland. Probably the same way: the service “teen-patriot” – a hundred bucks.

Other private military company “Artan groups» even received the letter from the Minister of Education S. quits. Ack, as you know – a member of the organization “Trident them. Bandera. “ It is unlikely that he just someone gives certificates. With the support of the PMC and there was a nationalist private military company “Templar», whose contactors have been seen in the area of the ATO. “Templar” is actively cooperating with Ukrainian nationalists, various volunteer organizations, right-wing persuasion (“Lviv Gate”). The company “Artan groups” – a very powerful structure that protects a large number of objects involved in military actions, training of security forces, is engaged in the security of maritime transport. The most piquant in all this is that the company’s main partner is the Turkish military exports “Furqan Defense Industry» (FDI) 3, which has its representative offices in Ukraine. FDI through offshore trades tanks “Hold” and “Bulat” installations “Grad” and other weapons. Recently, the company began offering Turkish fighting boats, ships and even the “Hayduk”. This is probably the biggest and the most expensive product on FDI. Promising local Navy pride, so to speak. These ships are built in factories Vadim Novinsky, a close partner of Rinat Akhmetov. And all the facts once hinted that while Ukrainian soldiers are dying in the trenches, some FDI through an offshore company sells domestic service. The same company, by the way, sells with the same success and Russian equipment, especially the newest planes. This fact is all by itself a blatant. FDI sells Ukrainian tanks, new and old models of infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers, including the latest technological innovations, which says “journalists,” “is designed to crush the terrorists and separatists.” As you know, the Ukrainian company “Fort” produces guns awarding particularly distinguished security forces, but, nevertheless, even the products of such companies as “Fort” also goes to the Turkish market through an offshore company. And at the same time and with the same success FDI offers to purchase the latest Russian technology. Almost all the high-tech military production of the Russian Federation today is concentrated in the hands of the State Corporation “Rostec.” The question is: Is there do not know that at the same time FDI sells their products and armament, “the hated junta?” In this regard, it is not by chance that the favorite of avid patriots of Russia G. Nosovka in its BillPMC sf / ID / BC46FDEA5E58BDB343257D79002967F7 / $ F ILE / 630327-6.PDF? OpenElement entered the original line on the Rights of the PMC on arms exports. PMC is thus used as intermediaries to trade in the State Russian military industry. It’s interesting the “patriots” of Russia, who squealed with joy that Russia will have its own (home!) Private military companies.

Among the objects that protect the company’s employees “art” many of those who belong to the people of the entourage of Viktor Yanukovych. For example, all banks that are protected by the “Artania” had conflicts with their investors, all these banks in 2015 became insolvent. Their main beneficiaries were Akhmetov Yurushev, Novinsky, Horn. Either Yanukovych’s allies, or its associated oligarchs. The exception is Novinsky, who defiantly refused business in the Crimea and Russian citizenship (“If the cook we do not tell lies”), but he is again working closely with the Turkish offshore FDI, and experiences for the Crimea does not prevent him from being a deputy from the “opposition bloc” . FDI has an office in Kiev, and many transactions related to the export of weapons from Ukraine and Russia, have been decorated here, not in Turkey.

In addition, we are seeing a very interesting situation, which frankly breaks stereotypes. The company “art” that wins a lot of profit from the partnership with the Donetsk oligarchs, assisted by other PMCs – “Templar”, which is directly involved in the ATO. The fact that the “Templar” conducts training at the shooting range “Sniper” near Kiev, and it belongs to a shooting range, “Artan groups.” “Templar” is not just the PMC, it is specially created to participate in the ATO. In addition, media support “Templar” Ukrainian nationalist provide Internet pages. All private military companies in the CIS are in serious competition with each other. So in Russia, in the public space and paper periodicals sites you will not find a good word of mouth PMC “Moran security” against the “SCR-groups” and vice versa. Only mutual accusations and incitements. Similarly, a Ukrainian PMCs. It is obvious that the same “Omega” and “art” are competitors. But here there is a “Templar” and “art” (suddenly!) Gives him in the use of his shooting … To sum up, the first Ukrainian nationalist PMC (and staff “Templar” were “Aydar”) does not appear, or at least did not develop to so fast, do not be on the good will of the people of Russia and Yanukovych’s team. We will refrain from publishing other data on co-operation touching these “bitter enemies” as they continue to test and study. But we hope that very uporotyh both sides will think that unleashed the war – a bloody “circus” for the enrichment of the oligarchs.
On foreign PMCs, which operate in Ukraine, I think, it is better to talk in more detail next time.

hastny e- ukraine.html zinc

The last time we promised to refer to the activities of foreign private military companies in Ukraine. It should be noted at once that with the fullness of light the question of activities of foreign PMCs in Ukraine is not possible. The fact is that in the world there are thousands of private military companies, and only a few hundred of them at least formally illuminate their activity as their binding international or republican law. In this note we wish to note the activities of the largest and most influential of PMCs, which operate in Ukraine.

First of all, you need to specify the inevitable question: whether Russian PMC applied in Crimea and applied / used whether they are now in the conflict in the South East of the country. Although affirmative information about it is not, however, have reason to believe that companies such as Slavonic Corps or the Moran Security could well take part in the Crimean events. St. Petersburg Internet resource “Fontanka” published on the occasion of various articles, which contained information about the involvement of these companies in the organization to send Russian troops to the unequivocal job to Ukraine and Syria. There’s also the first time to publish material about the mysterious Wagner PMCs. Here you need to make a few comments. First of all, it seems more biased that in one of his articles “Fontanka” in spite of the criticism of the above activities of PMCs in a good light is their main competitor in Russia – PMC “SCR Group.” This raises some doubts. Regarding PMC Wagner should say the following. PMCs in this case is the provisional name of the military organization operating outside the legal field. This informal armed groups in areas where local military conflicts is always more than enough. Is it a strike force to deal with the extreme right and extreme left groups and structures in the unrecognized republics? Quite possible. But you must understand that without this so to say “PMC” in force and financial elite of Russia has enough resources to require the republics of the necessary policies.

Much more important is the understanding that private military companies – it is a business.It is not mercenaries, not gangs and so on. Although these PMCs work closely and may even produce them. PMC should profit from the performance of its functions. But other than that, the legal form of the existence of such military business since the end of the twentieth century allowed to use armed force outside the legal field. And sometimes necessary to force action can actually be created firm “Barnyard” to perform this same situational military or other military intervention. On the part of the Russian bourgeoisie can observe two types of activity. The first – economic cooperation with Ukrainian military business is being done behind the scenes, as it contradicts the official myths oligarchic Ukraine and Russia (part of the issue we dealt with last time). The second type of use PMCs – this is the attempt to use military intervention, bypassing international law. And the first and the second engaged and involved around the world in dozens of countries. A much more significant impact on the political and economic situation in Ukraine (and in Russia too!) Can have American and British private military corporation. The extent of their powerful and integration into the global capital itself, as the planet Jupiter, involves the lives of millions of Ukrainians in the sphere of influence of the military-oligarchic monsters. More from 1992 right in the capital of Ukraine began to operate a branch of the largest in number among its members PMC – G4S . Giant concern English, Danish and American capital, willow experts in intelligence and military affairs worldwide. The number of employees of the structure reaches 675 thousand. Man. This is superior to the armies of most European countries. G4S has armored vehicles, aviation, maritime transport, unmanned vehicles, robots, various means of electronic warfare, intelligence technologies. This company mnogostanochnik, it is engaged in a wide range of military and security services, which makes it very self, even in dealing with the military and political objectives. The former owner of PMC Armor Group Christopher Biz sold it to G4S, and in 1990 founded the NYA International, which is now entered in the insurance Ukrainian market. This PMC is actively cooperating with the insurance company “Chartis” (represented in Ukraine as “AIG”). In 2013, the influential military and political circles in the US there have been fast-moving. Then in the spring and summer of 2013, few imagined what would happen in the fall of that year. Then May 1 Kiev went great crowd, and left-wing activists celebrated the International Day of the Migrant. But none of them knew that it was at that time did not accidentally merged two private military companies TorchStone Global LLC and Page Group Ltd, which was born as a result of a hybrid with the straightforward title – TorchStone Page. At the head of this office have become Todd Cale, Larry Cunningham, John Taylor and Peter Isaacs. Todd Cale – Assistant Secretary for Infrastructure Protection of the Department of Homeland Security, was appointed to the post by President Barack Obama in 2009. He has also held major posts in the Diplomatic Security Service of the US Department of State. (Recall that it was the State Department Diplomatic Security Service United States was the main employer of private military and security contractors during the occupation of Iraq. It is not “kiselёvschina” boldly read bestseller Skeyhilla). Larry Cunningham – one of the leaders of the security of US President. Earlier this man doing security Mikhail Gorbachev. John Taylor was the head of operations against sending anthrax in the early 2000s. For those who have forgotten, let me remind you that treacherous terrorist №1 then invented a mysterious powder that contains pathogenic components, and then the “little truncated Tse zvіryatko zagartalo at the envelope” and other murderous terrorists who sent the suspicious envelopes careless American taxpayers. Guardsmen Taylor feldegerey race like greyhounds caught a deadly weapon of global terrorism, and the brave American journalists talked about these horrors on numerous esters. Peter Isaacs struggled for many years with the international drug mafia. (Apparently by increasing the production of opiates in Afghanistan). He was one of the leading people in the United Nations on these issues, and passing combined its direct operations with a very outstanding position in the «G4S». But in early 2013 to Peter descended understanding that all that is necessary to give up, because it was his duty to fight for justice in the ranks TorchStone Page. Together with other brave men and women of the United States, Britain, Latin America, Singapore, the Czech Republic, Poland and other countries, they are for some of the leading oil and gas corporations TorchStone Page conducted a study in Ukraine in terms of reliability, “promising partner,” as well as against “potential reputation risk and responsibility. ” What were the “leading oil and gas corporation”? And why they hired such influential security officials to study in Ukraine? Early people from TorchStone Global LLC and Page Group Ltd engaged in gathering information on organized crime in Russia, Ukraine and Georgia. Apparently gather information about the main mafia: Putin Poroshenko, Saakashvili? It is not yet known. But when TorchStone Page has been studying in Ukraine and others, came eventful autumn of 2013. In 2014 TorchStone Page was one of the participants of the dissemination of political lying General paranoid Bridlava, which his imagination castigated “Der Spiegel” and other European media. Today, we still continue to collect information on the activities of PMCs, but true conclusion, that it was these guys were involved in the organization of today’s “Zaruba”. Moreover, if some kind reader, suddenly decide that we belong to a number of pro-Russian pensioners who have “America’s all my fault,” that once again point to the fact that the Torch Stone Page all these years working in Russia. Why do the Russian authorities failed to prevent this? Because there continues the internationalization of capital, and they did not do this for the same reason that continue to cooperate with the Anglo-American Aegis PMCs in Iraq, where insurgents protect the business of “Gazprom”. (There are reports that guards the Aegis and Petro Poroshenko). However, media disinformation on both sides of the Atlantic will taldychit “about the public interest”, “national idea”, “the need to fight for democracy” and other nonsense. In 1995, the American private military company MPRI provided the design and conduct of the military operation to sweep the Srpska Krajina. This bloody event will be very well-known over the years, but none of it does not will bear no responsibility. In 2008, MPRI advised Saakashvili’s office for the operation “Clear Field” .Spustya a while another giant military business – PMC L-3, which at that time was occupied by the evisceration of the US budget and the Iraqi people, zealous MPRI absorb and implement it in their structures. Recently, L-3 is engaged in the organization of the security of mobile communications and data communications in Ukraine. One of the oldest and highly influential private military corporations Leidos also operates in the Ukraine, and maintains relations with the activists of the movement “maidan” in the diaspora and in Ukraine itself . Participants whether data or other PMCs in combat in the south-east of Ukraine? In this respect we have big doubts. Although participation in the conflict of a significant number of foreign nationals have so far failed to identify the materials about the conflict combatants foreign PMCs. No mercenaries or right-wing activists and religious organizations, namely the contactors of PMCs. These companies are engaged in a destructive process in the degradation of public consultations on the subject of local elites, the creation and development of destructive organizations. We pointed out that the territory of Ukraine presented the most powerful private military companies in the world. They are definitely included in this segment of the world not fully, except perhaps Torch Stone Page, that if only that was created. A more minor private military actors are also integrated in the life of Ukraine, Russia and CIS countries. Thus, maritime security company Helicon Security Group associated with the oligarch Tigipko and bourgeois political clown “Fabrikant”. BSK International Military and Special Security is working with the Russian, Ukrainian and Turkish business, the main activity is the sale of arms and military equipment through offshore zones. Global Protection Agency, Ltd., owned by Peter Krёtsu Pole, led some activity in Ukraine for the benefit of the French Foreign Legion, which probably is a common recruitment of former military personnel. Russian PMC Moran Security in 2013. The export of arms from the territory of Ukraine, using the ports of Odessa region. That is, as we see, a lot of private military was operating entities and are operating on the Ukrainian land.

Why is this happening?It may seem trite, but it is worth remembering one of the expressions is now almost forgotten the great political scientist Vladimir Ulyanov, who wrote that in the era of imperialism, the struggle becomes paramount for gegeomniyu. These PMCs and create a situation of chaos and destruction. In other words, the situation in Ukraine and Syria could be called “It does not get you to anybody!”. In addition, we see that the bourgeoisie is becoming globalized, increasingly transformed into the world, in Ukraine it is, above all, waging war against the working classes, profiting from the destruction and death. Understand grades PMC Ukraine, and not only to be more than one generation of social scientists. Http:// hastny-e-voenny-e-kompanii-i-chto oni-de-layut- -ukraine-na 2.html


It is worth noting that the author is very strange shrugs off the facts documented involvement of PMCs Greystone Groop and Green 8922.html the war in Ukraine. Well, it’s hard not to recall the guarding staff Poroshenko British PMCs Aegis Defense Services. What we can agree with is the fact that in the matter of studying the effect of foreign PMCs in Ukraine a lot of blind spots, and the information available in the public domain is extremely patchy and fragmented.

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