Russian T-90 Tanks Arrive in Aleppo | Fars

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Syrian Army’s 4th Mechanized Division has deployed their newly-arrived T-90 advanced Tanks to the Southern Aleppo front for the first time in order to continue their push to the towns of Kafraya and Al-Fou’aa, military sources said Sunday.

The T-90 Tank offers the Syrian army several features their T-55 and T-72 models do not, including a 2A46M 125 smoothbore tank gun; a four-stroke V-12 piston engine; and most importantly, the Kontakt-5 ERA (explosive reactive armor).

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Raqqa’s Rockefellers: How Islamic State oil flows to Israel | al-Alaraby

Oil produced by the Islamic State group finances its bloodlust. But how is it extracted, transported and sold? Who is buying it, and how does it reach Israel?

Oil produced from fields under the control of the Islamic State group is at the heart of a new investigation by al-Araby al-Jadeed. The black gold is extracted, transported and sold, providing the armed group with a vital financial lifeline.

But who buys it? Who finances the murderous brutality that has taken over swathes of Iraq and Syria? How does it get from the ground to the petrol tank, and who profits along the way?

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The situation in Aleppo | Colonel Cassad

In the area of Kuweires army expands the control zone around the air base, but the pace of the last few days have fallen as the Caliphate gradually recovered from the military defeat of the first half of November. Operational supply lines have expanded, but to create a full-fledged threat to the rear of the Caliphate group east of Aleppo remains elusive.

To the north of Aleppo, rebels are fighting against the pro-Western Caliphate and try to recapture ground lost in the defeat of the Free Syrian Army by the Caliphate in October north of Aleppo.

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Turkey hands over the dead body of th of the Su-24 pilot | Colonel Cassad

As reported by RIA Novosti in the Russian Embassy in Ankara, the body of the pilot Oleg Peshkov will be delivered from Hatay in southern Turkey in Ankara on Sunday, after which he was flown to Russia. In flight, it is accompanied by the military attaché at the airport in Ankara, it will meet the ambassador and embassy representatives. Date and time of delivery of the pilot’s body to Russia specified.

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Clashes in the DNI 11.28.2015 | Colonel Cassad

As a result of direct contact with a house burned down, and the interrupted gas pipeline in the streets Shahtoprohodchikov and Kurchatov. According to the Ministry of Defence of the NPT, under attack as horrible Zaitsev.
Ukrainian security officials on Sunday night fired Oktyabrsky in the Kuibyshev region of Donetsk and Zaitsev north of Gorlovka, interrupted as a result of the pipeline, said the Defense Ministry of breakaway DNI.
“Around 23.30 Ukrainian security forces opened fire on the village of Oktyabrsky, as a result of direct exposure to burned house outside of Czechoslovakia, 103, and interrupted the gas pipeline on the streets and Shahtoprohodchikov Kurchatov”, – quotes the representative offices Donetsk news agency.

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US troops begin training Ukrainian regular forces | Yahoo

Washington (AFP) – US military experts on Monday began training Ukrainian soldiers and special operations forces in the war-torn country, the Pentagon said.

US troops had already deployed in small numbers to Ukraine to train National Guard forces, but under a plan first announced in July they are now helping regular military units.

The US troops “will be training five battalions of active-duty troops and one battalion of special operations forces personnel,” spokesman Captain Jeff Davis said.

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Cumhuriyet journalists may be tried without arrest: Turkish PM | Hurriyet Daily News

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu has said two prominent journalists, daily Cumhuriyet Editor-in-Chief Can Dündar and Ankara Bureau Chief Erdem Gül, may be tried without arrest, daily Hürriyet has reported.

“A trial [of Dündar and Gül] without arrest can be thought of as more convenient,” the premier told a group of reporters in Turkish parliament in Ankara on Nov. 28, adding that the decision to try Dündar and Gül without arrest did not depend on their initiative, but on the country’s independent judiciary.

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Russia launches electronic warfare over Syria | Christian Today

Responding to Turkey’s downing of a Russian warplane, Russian Lieutenant-General Evgeny Buzhinsky said his country will begin using “electronic jamming systems that are based both on the ground and installed on special aircraft.” The defensive weapons are aimed at stopping a similar attack in the future.

“Regarding the possible impact of this incident on the further developments of the operation in Syria, I think that from now on, our pilots will be more attentive and if the Turks continue behaving in such a manner, Russia will have to resort to electronic jamming and other warfare equipment, including special aircraft with special equipment on board, in order to protect our pilots from being stricken with missiles,” Buzhinsky said, according to Sputnik News.

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Apocalyptic Conflict in 2016? | Akira

We have hit a series of critical inflection points in the Syrian conflict with recent events.

The most important is that Erdogan has now unmasked himself as a deep supporter of Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State. Frankly there is no other explanation of why he would risk an open conflict with Russia in their defense. It was one thing to brazenly support terrorist proxies when there were no consequences, but to risk the whole economic relationship with Russia and quite possibly a real war?

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Zhirinovsky proposes to drop a nuclear bomb on the Strait of Bosphorus | Fort Russ

Liberal Democratic Party of Russia leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky has proposed to crush Turkey via a nuclear missile strike. This is according to the radio station “Moscow speaking”.

“Istanbul is very easy to destroy: just one nuclear bomb in the Strait of Bosphorus, and it will wash away. It will be such a terrible flood, the water column will rise 10-15 meters, and the city will not be there any more, and there are 9 million lives in that city”, — said the leader of the liberal Democrats.

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Chief Of Russian Air Force Accuses Turkey Of Coordinated Ambush On Downed Jet | Zerohedge

In summary, what Col. Gen. Bondarev said is that Turkey actively sought to ambush and bring down the Russian jet starting long before the actual missile was fired, which can be confirmed by the flight patterns of Turkish warplanes which had taken off well in advance, otherwise they would not have had enough time to reach the battlezone.

The Russian ministry of defense made this grave accusation quite explicit on Twitter an hour ago, when it said that Turkey had engaged in a choreographed ambush.

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Throwing Erdogan under the bus | Colonel Cassad

The current situation with Turkey and Erdogan when viewed in retrospective on the one hand of course can be considered as a “stab in the back”, but on the other hand, it is objectively maturing. Relations with Turkey in the 90s and the first half of zero were quite cool, including the reasons for Turkey’s tacit support for Chechen rebels during the Chechen wars. They found refuge in Turkey, in contact with the Turkish secret services, were treated in Turkish hospitals. As Turkey supports militants weapons that flowed into Chechnya via Georgia.

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