The military situation in Syria to the 08/12/2015 | Colonel Cassad

After more than 2 months after the beginning of Syrian army’s autumn offensive, with the support of the Russian army and Iranian contingent, the main events are still related to the battle for Aleppo, in which the parties are fighting for the strategic initiative in the Syrian war. Fights come with varying degrees of success – replace offensive counterattack, but on the whole Syrian army still holds the initiative and continues to conduct offensive operations designed to enhance the control zone around the city. A notable feature of these battles is that the main events unfold not in and around Aleppo.

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In Baghdad, not all is quiet | Colonel Cassad

The desire of Turks have an influence in Iraqi Kurdistan against the backdrop of the threat of the creation of an independent Kurdish state is understandable, but such clumsy antics (when under the pretext of protecting the instructors on the territory of the neighboring state are driving a tank battalion) that even with the United States and Iraq did not bother to coordinate, produce very curious impression Turkish policy, which for some time has been preparing the creation of a buffer zone in Syria, and after the escalation of the conflict with Russia, and everything changed no troops entered Syria, and Iraq. It looks like “Syria does not work? Shit. Let’s at least try in Iraq.”

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SYRIA SITREP: What now ? | Sic Semper Tyrannis

It has been a little over two months now since Russia started its air campaign in Syria. An already complex equation on the ground, this game-changing move was further complicated by events having taken place over recent weeks in the larger Middle-East and in Europe. While it is now more difficult to make any forecast regarding the timeline of possible military developments, a few conclusions can nonetheless be taken away from the latest round of fighting in Syria.

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Iraq: ‘Islamic State’ atrocities fuelled by decades of reckless arms trading | Amnesty International

The report documents IS use of arms and ammunition from at least 25 different countries, though a large proportion were originally sourced by the Iraqi military from the USA, Russia and former Soviet bloc states. These arms flows were funded variously by oil barter arrangements, Pentagon contracts and NATO donations. The bulk have been seized from or leaked out of Iraqi military stocks.

Among the advanced weaponry in the IS arsenal are man-portable air defence systems (MANPADS), guided anti-tank missiles and armoured fighting vehicles, as well as assault rifles like the Russian AK series and the US M16 and Bushmaster.

Most of the conventional weapons being used by IS fighters date from the 1970s to the 1990s, including pistols, handguns and other small arms, machine guns, anti-tank weapons, mortars and artillery. Soviet Union-era Kalashnikov-style rifles are commonplace, mainly from Russian and Chinese manufacturers.

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Russia fires missiles at IS positions from submarine deployed in Mediterranean | Xinhuanet

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said Tuesday that Russia attacked the Islamic State (IS) positions in Syria with Kalibr missiles fired by the submarine deployed in the Mediterranean Sea.

According to Shoigu, the missile launch was carried out by the sub from a submerged position, striking two major targets of the IS.

“It was the first time that Kalibr cruise missiles were fired by the Rostov-on-Don submarine from the Mediterranean Sea,” Tass news agency quoted Shoigu as saying during a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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Washington’s Refusal to Embrace Multi-Polar World is an Obstacle to Peace | Sputnik

“The chance for a durable Washington-Moscow strategic partnership was lost in the 1990s after the Soviet Union ended. Actually it began to be lost earlier, because it was Reagan and Gorbachev who gave us the opportunity for a strategic partnership between 1985-89. And it certainly ended under the Clinton administration, and it didn’t end in Moscow. It ended in Washington — it was squandered and lost in Washington. And it was lost so badly that today, and for at least the last several years (and I would argue since the Georgian war in 2008), we have literally been in a new Cold War with Russia,”

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Syrian army, allies advance closer to Aleppo highway | Jordan Times

Syrian government forces backed by Iranian troops edged closer to a major rebel-controlled highway south of Aleppo on Tuesday, pushing further into insurgent-held areas supported by heavy Russian air strikes.

After seizing a series of villages including Zitan, Humaira and Qalaajiya, the army said it had thrust to the outskirts of Zirba and encircled the town of Khan Touman, an advance rebels said had left them outgunned from the air and ground.

The aim of government forces appeared to be to cut the main Aleppo-Damascus Highway that fighters use to transport supplies from rebel-held Idlib province to the north.

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Death to Trutherism! | Akira

Just to be absolutely clear:

Retarded conspiracy theory trolls will not be allowed to fill my comments sections with bullshit. This includes all varieties of Jew-conspiracy theory, and all of the “ISIS is a False Flag” bullshit. We have a global Empire to overthrow, and I don’t have the time or the patience to deal with the pathologically stupid waste products of modern American consumerism.

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“Error” | Colonel Cassad

Forces of the Western coalition attacked ammunition depots of the Syrian army in the province of Deir ez-Zor, killing four soldiers of the army of ATS, 16 more were injured. RIA Novosti said a source from the Syrian National Militia. “Airstrike was struck on the ammunition depots of the Syrian army in the province of Deir ez-Zor. According to our information, four soldiers were killed and 16 wounded. Damaged two tanks. It worked aviation international coalition “, – he told the agentstva. Syrian Foreign Minister confirmed the words of the source, saying that dipvedomstva sent to the UN Security Council a note of protest in connection with the international coalition air strike on the facility of the Syrian army.

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The war in Yemen | Colonel Cassad

For most the current war in Yemen is a complete disaster. Refugees fleeing the country by sea to neighboring Somalia and Djibouti. It is certainly a paradox, but there are situations from which you want to run in Somalia, which is well illustrated by what is happening in Yemen, a humanitarian catastrophe, which is connected not only and not so much to direct the fighting, but also with the purposeful destruction of the occupants of social and economic infrastructure in the territories Controlled Huthis but strict order, which Al-Qaeda militants and establish the Caliphate in controlled areas.

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The Isis papers: leaked documents show how Isis is building its state | The Guardian

A leaked internal Islamic State manual shows how the terrorist group has set about building a state in Iraq and Syria complete with government departments, a treasury and an economic programme for self-sufficiency, the Guardian can reveal.

The 24-page document, obtained by the Guardian, sets out a blueprint for establishing foreign relations, a fully fledged propaganda operation, and centralised control over oil, gas and the other vital parts of the economy.

The manual, written last year and entitled Principles in the administration of the Islamic State, lays bare Isis’s state-building aspirations and the ways in which it has managed to set itself apart as the richest and most destabilising jihadi group of the past 50 years.

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Syria urges immediate UN action over US-led airstrikes | Press TV

The Syrian Foreign Ministry sent a letter to the UN Security Council and Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on Monday, condemning the airstrikes that killed the Syrian government soldiers on Sunday.

Damascus said four US-led coalition warplanes fired nine missiles at one of the Syrian army’s posts in the central-east of the country in Deir Ezzor Province, killing three soldiers and injuring 13 others.

“The Syrian Arab Republic strongly condemns this flagrant aggression by the US-led coalition forces, which blatantly violates the objectives of the UN charter,” the letter read.

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Iraq’s PM Abadi orders Air Force on alert as deadline to Turkey looms | Press TV

The order came amid rising tensions between Baghdad and Ankara over the latter’s move on Friday to start the deployment of a battalion in areas close to the northern Iraqi city of Mosul.

Iraq has strongly condemned the deployment of the Turkish battalion on its territory, branding the uncoordinated move, which began on Friday, a violation of its national sovereignty. Iraq on Sunday gave Ankara 48 hours to withdraw its forces or face “all available options,” including recourse to the UN Security Council. Turkey says the troops were there as part of a so-called training program for local militia battling terrorist groups.

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