World Map of Putin Derangement Syndrome | Anatoly Karlin

One immediately striking thing is just how how uniform Western attitudes are. Note how countries where net approval of Putin is below -20% are almost exclusively Western countries, while the only two notable countries in the Western geopolitical bloc to approve of Putin are Greece and Bulgaria. Both of which happen to belong to Orthodox civilization, going by Huntingtonian definitions.

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The battle for Ramadi | Colonel Cassad

If Syria’s central event of the war is now a multi-month battle for Aleppo, in recent months, Iraq is the most significant battle for Ramadi, which are surrounded by the troops of the Caliphate hold captured in May 2015 the city of Ramadi. Over the last three weeks of the Iraqi army, supported by the US Air Force was able to take control of much of the city, and then began a fierce battle for the city center, where sat the surviving militants, whose number is estimated between 350 and 600 people.

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Key Syrian Islamist Leader Killed in Damascus Airstrike — News from

Alloush was the son of a top Salafist cleric based in Saudi Arabia, and founded Liwa al-Islam and Jaish al-Islam, two significant rebel factions early in the Syrian Civil War. He had sought to paint himself as a comparative moderate.

That claimed moderacy was undercut, however, by his group regularly holding Shi’ite residents of his territory in cages and using them as human shields, shipping them around to potential targets of Syrian airstrikes.

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