The Voyage and the Messenger: Iran and Philosophy | Books

For those not familiar with his work, Henry Corbin is one of the most important scholars on esoteric Islamic and the history of Shiism. This selection highlights the historical links between the many branches of the Shi’a and the deep metaphysical interconnections between the main Twelver branch and the rest of the tree.

As we witness the most spectacular alliance in the whole history of Shiism fighting together in the maelstrom of the Syrian civil war, these links become ever more important.

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Big turn | Colonel Cassad

Right and left, left and right … Four years of inconsistent, arrogant and incompetent politicians. Stupid advice, mistakes and fear. Unwillingness to listen to anything. Stubborn adherence to the isolationist foreign policy. Refusal to help Eastern Christians who are oppressed, persecuted and killed. The choice in favor of some imaginary opposition, which is heard less and less. Military aid supposedly “friendly” armed groups. Blindness in the conditions of lifting the most that neither is a radical Islamist groups. How to choose between the opposition and the conquerors, they again behold – notorious Islamists? How to ignore the rebels received financial support from the Sunni powers in the region? How not to make a link between the financing of debts of Western countries, the military and political support of the rebels and the sale of aircraft and other military equipment?

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Terms | Colonel Cassad

Regarding the terms:

1. The first thing I think the impossible. Erdogan does not like to admit he is wrong, especially with the unstable situation in the country, where it is clearly an apology will be regarded as a sign of weakness and enemies and friends.

2. What to look for them – Turkish Prime Minister himself admitted that he gave the order. Punishment it can only be dismissal, but this is also unlikely.

3. This is the most realistic option and Turkey could well pay compensation for the downed aircraft (perhaps secretly) and the deceased pilot, but not together with the terms of №1 and №2.

Russian Federation as a whole continues to take a very tough stance towards Turkey. Turkey understands that obviously went too far with the Su-24 and is now haggling conciliatory rhetoric, but Moscow has made it clear that words alone will not get Erdogan and if he wants to normalize relations, he will have to humble pride and publicly concede.

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The buffer zone | Colonel Cassad

In general, the Dzulani statement is nothing new in the question of “buffer zones” did not bring a sensation and then created out of thin air – they talk about for several years, and especially the Americans.
Well now that’s “Al-Nusra” authoritatively confirmed that Turkey has such plans and what they were and are. Recently, something has gone wrong and at the “buffer zone” in Syria and out of despair Turks invaded Iraq. But the plans have remained.

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