Dugin and Europe | Traditionalistblog

Unfortunately lacking is a discussion of the current, as opposed to historical, importance of Traditionalism for Eurasianists and sympathizers outside Russia. Vadim Rossman recognizes the importance of Guénon and Evola for the Center for Conservative Research at the Moscow State University, which was until 2014 an important base for Dugin and colleagues, as well as of related thinkers such as Henry Corbin and the Neoplatonists. Beyond this, it is noted that Greece’s Golden Dawn initially promoted paganism before shifting to Greek Christianity. Nothing more. Even so, the book is important.

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About taking Ramadi | Colonel Cassad

Immediately Caliphate lost quite a large city, which opens up prospects for the United States related to the exemption from the Caliphate Anbar province. As reported, the city center is very badly damaged. Since caliphate prevented the evacuation of local residents, some of whom remained in the city virtually as hostages, the level of civilian casualties is very high, as the city stabs artillery and aircraft, as well as widely used tanks.

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The civil war in Turkey will gain momentum | Colonel Cassad

Recall that the long-standing confrontation between the PKK and the Turkish government flared up again at the end of July this year, after a two-year agreement on a ceasefire and the settlement process failed. This fact has led to a resumption of the conflict in the mainly Kurdish-populated southeast of Turkey and the violent clashes between Turkish security forces and the PKK. Despite the fact that the earlier group to place their forces mainly in the countryside, in recent years, the PKK moved to the big cities of the region. In turn, the government has initiated a number of operations against Kurdish terrorists in the border areas, such as Cizre and Silopi. It should be noted that since the resumption of the conflict were killed about 200 members of the Turkish security forces in the 17 districts of the south-eastern region was put under curfew and almost 200 thousand. Residents were forced to flee their homes.

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The Syrian front | Chief of the Main Operational Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces

Since September 30, the Russian air group in Syria has performed 5240 combat sorties including 145 ones of the strategic missile-carrying and long-range bomber aviation. Every day the Russian Aerospace Forces make missile and bomb strikes on main infrastructural facilities, strong points, concentrations of terrorists’ military hardware and manpower.

Supported by the Russian aviation, the governmental forces as well as detachments of patriotic opposition continue offensive operations against illegal armed groups at all directions. The greatest success has been achieved in the provinces of Aleppo, Latakia and in the suburbs of Damascus.

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Democratic Moderate Syrian Rebels set rules for rape slavery | Independent

Isis has released a fatwa detailing how and when its fighters can rape female sex slaves – “one of the inevitable consequences of jihad”.

The document, drawn up by the terrorist group’s “Committee of Research and Fatwas”, was revealed by Reuters news agency after being discovered among a huge trove of documents seized by US special forces in Syria.

It is one of many self-proclaimed rulings Isis has made to enforce its interpretation of Islamic law, with others governing the treatment of “infidels” and revenue streams from stolen oil and antiquities.

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