Vladimir Putin and the Conservative Revolution | Alexander Dugin

I am convinced that political history will very soon force us clarify our positions and polish our rhetoric to make it more precise. We have no choice but conservatism: we will be pushed towards it from the outside, as well as from within. But what shall we do with the spirit of revolution, the will, the blazing flame of rebellion which secretly languishes in the Russian heart and disturbs our sleep, inviting us to follow it to faraway lands? I think that we should invest our continental strength in a new conservative project. And let it be the new edition of our Revolution, the Conservative Revolution, the National Revolution in the name of a big dream…

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The Logic Of Russia’s Syrian Counterinsurgency Strategy | Eurasia Review

Many Western critics of Mr. Putin see fit to animadvert at length about the deficiencies of Russia’s strategy in eastern Ukraine, overlooking the plain fact that Russia has largely succeeded in accomplishing a set of objectives there. It has created conditions under which Ukraine’s hoped-for accession to European Union and NATO membership is unlikely to proceed further; its proxy force established and enforces a geographic buffer into which Russian armed forces can move at will; it can destabilize the post-Maidan regime in Kyev at will; and it moved the Minsk process into what are now effectively bilateral Russian-Ukrainian discussions. That critics have consistently misjudged the importance Russia attaches to these objectives is evident in their continuing bewilderment over the cost, in short-term economic and diplomatic terms, that Mr. Putin has been willing to pay to achieve them, as well as the generalized failure of Western sanctions to influence Russian conduct except at the margin.

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Russia & Allies Prepare New Decisive Fronts in Syria | Fort Russ

Sources inside the joint operation command consisting of Syria, Russia, Iran, Hezbollah, confirmed that “The Russian joint chiefs of staff made significant changes to military strategies, by transitioning the Syrian army and its allies from a defensive to an offensive strategy, to reclaim crucial positions, ten strategically important positions were identified, and these are; to the east, south, and north of Aleppo, also in the Latakia countryside, Dara’a, and Sheikh Miskeen, and on the outskirts of Damascus, Homs, and the Kuweiras Airport, new positions will also be taken that will come as a surprise to many, soon an announcement will be made to the effect that the main crossing point of Bab al-Hawa (Gate of Winds), that is used by Al-Nusra and their allies in the “Army of Conquest” will be liberated, along with Bedama the next target which is 8 Kilometers from Bab al-Hawa, the entire Bab al-Hawa will be under the control of the SAA after loses incurred by the insurgents in Rabi’ah and Kensba”.

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Russia special forces aiding Hezbollah in Latakia | NOW

Russian special forces have backed Hezbollah and Syrian regime forces in their recent advances in the mountains north of Latakia, according to a Kuwaiti daily with close access to Moscow’s aerial campaign in the war-torn country.

“Special forces from the Russian army equipped with Howitzer artillery, supported by warplanes and backed by elite units from Lebanon’s Hezbollah… have been entering the fiercest of battles in the heights and towns of Latakia,” sources in the Damascus joint operations room of the “4+1” military coalition of Russia, Iran, Iraq, Syria and Hezbollah told Al-Rai newspaper’s chief international correspondent, Elijah J. Magnier.

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