Smuggling for enclaves | Colonel Cassad



During the year, regularly received the question is how are supplied with ammunition the enclaves in Syria. Like, you sit for years surrounded by, how does the ammo arrive? Last year we posted pictures of dissected cow, which was used for transportation of ammunition 7.62 mm. Ammo dumped in bags and sewn up in the carcass of a cow, and then transported across the front line under the guise of meat for civilians.

Below the photo more than the standard smuggling, which tried to smuggle in Eastern ghouta.

The question of how much of that trafficking was able to smuggle into the enclave, quite rhetorical, given the relentless fighting in Eastern ghouta.

Plus, I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that the contraband may be supplemented with facts of corruption, when such goods without inspection rides in the enclave for the money.

Below, pictures of smuggling within a cow. The first 18+.

[Click to read]

I Believe that this is not the only way to illegally smuggle weapons and ammunition into the enclave.



Stauffenberg was Right!

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