Terror Against The Demiurge | Alexander Dugin


1. Anarchism: a look to the right

Anarchism is the most left wing left thought. This total criticism of the left of all other forms of revolutionary ideologies: from Marxists to social Democrats. Anarchists castigated other leftists availability the old, reactionary elements. For anarchy, all other forms are veiled expression of the ancient and only enemy — the GOVERNMENT. Anarchism seeks to justify a system of radical antithesis of a society based on the principle power. Hence the name “an-Archie”, literally “lack of power”.

Anarchy aspires to be left without any admixture of right, but this is it is not possible. And here in anarchism very often we meet with the elements the fact that traditionally belongs to the “right”. Illustrative examples Evola “right anarchism”, Ernst jünger, the author of the concept of “anarcho”.

Examples of the “right” component in the anarchism numerous. The most striking is mysticism. Bakunin Mason, mystic, interested in the movement of the runners. The same Kelsiev. Major figure of anarchism Theodor Reuss — Mason, mystic, the founder of the “order of Oriental Templars” (together with Karl Kellner). Later Aleister Crowley. In Russia Karelin, Solonovich, circle around the Museum of Kropotkin. Anarcho-khlystovskaya sect of Alexei Dobrolyubov. Many other examples gives Alexander Etkind in his landmark book, “the Whip. Sects, literature and revolution.”

Mysticism can hardly be attributed to “left”, “progressive”. He presupposes faith in the beyond, a certain archaism.

Another thing: what is this archaic? What is the structure of anarchist relations to mysticism?

2. “Against principalities, against the authorities…”

Mysticism anarchists rests on a special Gnostic formula. The gist of it boils down to this: there is not one reality, hierarchically arranged, harmonious, good in itself, but two (or more). Immanent reality rests on usurpation, on the attempt to pass the worst for the best, the only and uncontested. And so the immanent power is the power ontologically wrong, unjust, evil. The early Gnostics relied on the Apostle Paul “because our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this age, against spiritual maliceheaven” the Epistle of the Holy Apostle Paul “TO the EPHESIANS” Chapter 6 (similar the mind Jn.12,31; Jn.14,30; Eph.2). The Christian version of the Gnostic anarchism rests on this Foundation.

Further, although the same Paul says: “Slaves, obey your masters (its) according to the flesh, with fear and trembling, in singleness of your heart, as unto Christ.” Orthodoxy combines calls for social conformity and spiritual nonconformity. Radical Gnostic circles extend the call to nonconformity and to the social plan.

But this revolution against “this world” into a full-fledged anarcho-Gnostic the picture suggests the affirmative and the second part. Against the world for another world, a better world, for our world, for the new world. This alternative the world had positive, constructive traits. This is a light universe, the world Good and just divinity, the world of the true Good, is usurped Satan, the “evil demiurge.” Therefore structurally and typologically extreme revolutionary anarchism conceals in itself an extreme degree of conservatism, utverditeley, creativity, only a radical transcendent order.It’s not irresponsible nihilism. It is a denial of the fact that according to the Gnostic anarchism, in itself, is the total negation of Good.

3. Empire: sacred and profane

To trace the mystical roots of Western anarchism is not difficult.

But where are the runners, the old believers, who are called the most consistent Russian anarchists? To which the researchers build a worldview Bakunin? Which tried to encourage large-scale anti-state terror Kelsiev?

The Gnostics formulated their radical doctrine in pre-Imperial environment when Christianity became the ruling religion. Their rejection of this world supported by observations of the pagan, non-medium late Rome, confirming their radicalism rejection of all external. In other words, the Gnostics were “against principalities, against powers, against the rulers the darkness of this world..” because they were non-Christian — Hellenes or the Jews.

At the churching of the Empire, power became a Christian. And Gnostic anarchism has dissipated. The renewal of this line accounts for that period of Christianity, when a nominally Christian society begins to be alienated from its essence. And at this point becomes relevant again the same the dualistic approach radically and uncompromisingly opposed to this world and the other world, “the authorities of this world” to the authorities of another world.

4. Diagnosis beguncih mentors

It is in a period of radical desacralization of Catholicism occur radical a Masonic Lodge. And desacralization Nikon of Russia, Romanov, Pro-Western, “personnel” of Russia, tragically aware of the most extreme circles of Russian Orthodox mystical patriots — conservatives.

Runners went in the denial of “authorities, principalities and the rulers of this age” further, considering that the Antichrist will reign in the person of Peter. It happened typological convergence of extreme priestless old sects with Gnostic formula, the elements of which are already visible in those Russian ascetics who took the fall of the Byzantine Empire as an absolute apocalyptic catastrophe — especially with a line of non-possessors, and later followers of radical elder Kapiton.

5. Anarchy is the mother of Good

The extreme nihilism of anarchist impulse is by no means the last word in the desacralization and the denial of Tradition, but, on the contrary, it is based on a total disagreement with this desacralization, total rejection it is the “world”, “this world”, which is ruled by an evil demiurge and his acolytes, “avliy ash Shaitan”, “saints of Satan”.

She’s famous formula “anarchy is mother of order” translation in the social the dimension of the thesis of the need for a radical abolition of the evil world order to be able to discover yourself the world of Good. As the world of evil is an “obstacle” for its detection (“Satan” in Hebrew is a barrier), it should razed to the ground. It is important that anarchists understand the “new world” not as his creation, but as discovery. They do not want to reform, to reorganize, to refurbish reality, they want to radically transform itself. They are the most consistent conservatives, being the most consistentdestroyers. But they destroy the very spirit of destruction, the idol of the “old order”, the fortress of the demiurge.

6. Strange “soul-searching” action

Anarchists are considered to be synonymous with radical terror. But behind this not so much a social as ontological, cosmological sense. Terror for anarchists is not a means to achieve political recognition. He is not so much socio-political as anthropological load. Terrorists anarchists throw bombs at people, not in representatives of the class, not socially significant figure. They throw bombs at the Antichrist and his servants, and the act itself is already in itself its own excuse and its own justification.

Anarcho-terrorism is, ultimately, a “salutary event”. It is intended to save the “world soul” from the poisonous embrace of the usurper.

7. Right anarchism and Russia

Now it’s easy to understand where the “right elements” in the classics of anarchism — Stirner and Proudhon. These are the two poles within anarchism: one-personalistic, another collectivist.

Stirner teaches about the only thing genuine about the subject, goes under hypnosis powers of this world, embodied in the social system, its stamps, the system of its dependencies. And here he comes close to the Gnostic concept “Atman”, the highest spiritual “I”, developed in Hinduism, esotericism, other traditions. Hence the interest in Stirner Evola, include it in your philosophical Pantheon. Proudhon is the polar opposite. His “rightism” is not “science I” the author’s concept of “the one”, but in the idealization of rural communities, autonomy natural organic groups which are going out of controlthe alienating power of the State (of the demiurge), back to the roots of community existence, associated with traditional ethics and land soil. It is ideal close to the ideal of the early Church, i.e., again deeply archaic and “right” essentially a phenomenon.

Bakunin and Kropotkin are on even level as Stirner and Proudhon. Russia traditionally occupies at least half of the seats in the left movement, while the other half are representatives of all other European and non-European peoples. There is a clear disparity. And victory the extreme left was only us. It is remarkable that it is in our deep “reactionary”, “archaic”, “soil”, “conservative” country and such own people. This is no accident. Very close to us is the paradoxical spirit, thisthe Gnostic pulse, this is an amazing spiritual-religious and social at the same time the complex, which is behind the phenomenon of radical mystical anarchism, this extreme form of “conservative revolution”.

8. Time new morality

Overcome the conditions of radical Russian anarchism? Authorities power, the rulers of the darkness of this world become nicer? More humane? Fairer? More responsive to the subtle call of the heavenly justice and sincere love for one’s neighbor? They became holier and nobler?

Look at the poor children in the transitions, the crowds selling body youngsters at night the streets of Moscow, dying impoverished population …

On greasy nosed faces of bankers and Ozherelye chins officials…

They are, easily recognizable “servants of the demiurge” that plagues our beloved Homeland the Light caught the soul of the virgin, became the greatest and most beautiful country the history of the world…

They created the bomb, the Smoking muzzle of the avenger. They are eternal provocation real and effective anarchism.

They themselves are obviously to blame for his death, so as to destroy their own and others the soul, obeying the dictates of “obstacles.”

Scholasticism incapacitated the party of the opposition, the tediousness of ideologies, abstract calculations of how you arrange something, “realistic and balanced” programs that will never be fulfilled…

As tired of this all…

Time new elements and new manners, new morals, new action, new synthesis.

Mother national order can only be national anarchy.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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