Incidents | Colonel Cassad

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Today both Russia and America had losses in regard to Syria.

1. We at Aleppo in the shelling of a humanitarian corridor had two soldiers slightly injured Recalled the September story from “the truce will report to Sergey” Already it is clear that militants in the Eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo will not give up and they will have to be cleaned out. From the information point of view, the Russians did everything quite correctly, turning the blame over the breakdown of the ceasefire on the militants and US, showing that we are here for peace, but they shoot. From a military point of view, as virtually all ready – “Kuznetsov” and its naval surface and underwater friends are already practically in place and ready to work, the attack of militants on the West of Aleppo drowned in the last week to Aleppo came a few thousand people reinforcements, and dozens of units of various equipment. So now the only question is when the militants will be punished – up to the elections in the US or still wait another 3-4 days. So let izgalyatsya finally, he left.

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Such leaflets fell from Aleppo, now spread over the Eastern quarters.
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From an operational point of view on the Western front. The attacks of militants in the force of resistance of the SAA, and significant losses of the attacker are fairly lethargic in nature. Attempts to move into 3000 today came to nothing.

2. Americans have more serious trouble. In Jordan on a military base the Jordanian military shot and killed 3 American military instructors, who for some reason refused to responded to the order to stop the car. Apparently they were taken for suicide bombers and it is reported in the media that they even began to shoot. The result was 3 vs 200.

US military instructors in Jordan who are training “Moderate” terrorist fighters from recent projects – the “New Syrian Army”, which is a joint effort of the United States, Britain and Jordan and along the Syrian border deployed to training camps where future soldiers of Jihad taught us “Navy seals” and specialists of the SAS and the CIA and Jordanian intelligence. The sense is not very much, the first clash with the Caliphate turned out to be more than 120 km drape from the “black” in the desert, but it is clear Americans are not going to collapse, and there’s such a nuisance. Jordan very important to the American plans to continue attempts to overthrow Assad, without the support of militants and weapons from the territory of Jordan (mostly with the money of Qatar and Saudi Arabia), Asad can think seriously about, and is it not time to put pressure on the green and on the South of the country where they exist in a fairly comfortable environment, using the fact that the front with the SAA here a long time static and some of the towns formally comply with the truce, which already seem to be there. Therefore, assuming that the incident will try to hush up and not to inflate too much scandal, but if this story gets in the millstones of the election campaign, then maybe she will have consequences.
Check-in on air force base Faisal in Jordan, where he was shot 3 American military instructor.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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