Dugin on Azerbaijan


Recognition of the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan by Russia is the most important argument, told journalists Russian political scientist, sociologist and philosopher, leader of the International Eurasian Movement Alexander Dugin, who is visiting Baku.

According to him, the most important thing in this issue is that Russia recognises the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.

‘Recognition by Russia of Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity is very serious,’ Dugin said.

According to the political scientist, if in the near future the parties manage to agree on the return of the five occupied regions to Azerbaijan, this will become a very important moment in the Russian-Azerbaijani cooperation.

‘At the same time, the situation with Karabakh itself and the other two regions is a little more complicated and may require more time,’ said the political scientist.



Relations between Russia and Azerbaijan are at the highest point, Russian political scientist, sociologist and philosopher, leader of the International Eurasian Movement Alexander Dugin, who is in Baku, told journalists.

According to him, the cooperation of Azerbaijan with Russia can solve a lot of economic, political, transport and geopolitical problems.

‘The North-South transport corridor is a breakthrough in our relations. The possible participation of Azerbaijan in the Eurasian Development Bank as in a separate Russian-Kazakh-Azerbaijani structure can also become a completely new change towards regional monetary multipolarity,’ Dugin said.

The political scientist noted that, if Russia is an ally of Armenia, this does not mean that it is an opponent of Azerbaijan. Russia follows its own interests.

The North-South transport corridor is designed to connect Northern Europe with South-East Asia. It will serve as a link for connecting the railways of Iran, Azerbaijan and Russia.



‘Russia’s recognition of the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan is the main argument that this territorial integrity exists. Let it be de jure, if not de facto. If Russia says it is the territory of Azerbaijan, this is the key,’ one of the Kremlin ideologists Alexander Dugin said in Baku, Interfax reports.

According to him, it is necessary to take seriously the position of official Moscow in the matter of recognising the territorial integrity of states.

‘I formulated such a formula. The territorial integrity of a post-Soviet state depends on Russia. If the relations are good, then the territorial integrity is there, and it is strong. If the relations are bad, then it weakens to such a critical stage that it can easily be lost,’ he said.

A.Dugin stressed that friendship with Moscow serves to ensure territorial integrity.

According to him, Baku began to understand that Russia is a friend and ally of both Azerbaijan and Armenia.

‘We see that Baku understands that it is not constructive and not true to present Russians as only the pro-Armenian side. Russia follows its national interests. Yes, we are allies, friends with Armenia. But from this one need not to have to conclude that we are enemies or opponents of Azerbaijan. We are the same friends and allies to Azerbaijan. If we succeed together with Azerbaijan and Armenia to come to a decision on this topic, then the take-off will take place in real life. At the same time, the situation will be postponed with Karabakh itself,’ A.Dugin said.



‘Azerbaijani-Russian relations are currently in the state of the most productive rise. We see that Baku and President Ilham Aliyev himself very accurately realised that Russia is not an adversary and that confrontation with Russia within the framework of pro-Western blocs is destructive for Azerbaijan.’ This was stated in an interview to journalists by the Russian political scientist, sociologist and philosopher, leader of the International Eurasian Movement Alexander Dugin, who is visiting Baku.

A.Dugin stressed that I.Aliyev more and more acts as an active subject of international politics in the most complicated issues affecting Russian interests.

He noted that the West may not like the positive development of the Azerbaijani-Russian relations.

‘The West may not like them, they can even sabotage them and torpedo them. But it seems to me that Baku, while remaining a neutral state, without going over to one side or another, following its own interests, can ensure and strengthen its sovereignty exclusively in the union and an alliance with Russia. And that is what happening now,’ added the expert.

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