Alexander Dugin met with Moldovan President Igor Dodon

The leader of the International Eurasian Movement met with the President of Moldova Igor Dodon. From Facebook, Igor Dodon: “I met with the organizers of the international conference ‘From the Atlantic to the Pacific: for the common destiny of the Eurasian peoples’, which is taking place these days in Chisinau, with great pleasure personally met with the leader of the International Eurasian Movement Alexander Dugin and the representative of the committee. The meeting was also attended by the chairman of the Demographic Revival Foundation Levan Vasadze and the head of the People’s University of Moldova Yuri Roshka. The international situation and the conflicts that shake the world today, as well as the opportunities for emerging from crises and tensions that have a profound impact on all countries of our continent. I support the holding of such events that reflect a worldview based on traditions, Orthodox values, patriotism and cooperation between All the peoples of Eurasia, living both in the West and in the East, took the initiative to organize and hold in Chisinau in May 2018 the World Congress of the Family, tionally take policy, scientists, civil society representatives, experts from more than 80 countries. Together, we must build a future based on solidarity, Christian love and mutual respect. “

Stauffenberg was Right!

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