Trump to give speech on Islam in Saudi Arabia | Dailystar

US President Donald Trump will give a major speech on the Islamic faith during his upcoming visit to Saudi Arabia, home to the religion’s holiest shrines, the White House said Tuesday.

“He will meet and have lunch with leaders of more than 50 Muslim countries, where he will deliver an inspiring, direct speech on the need to confront radical ideology and the president’s hopes for a peaceful vision of Islam,” National Security Advisor HR McMaster told reporters.

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Flooding in Raqqa | Colonel Cassad

The US and the Kurds continue in turn to expand the bridgehead on the southern Bank of the Euphrates, and continued to occupy towns in the assumption of Raqqa. The supply of equipment for SDF/YPG are continuing, in desert areas, where the actions of mobile groups, small arms and ammunition dropped from a military transport aircraft. Operations of US special forces supported by helicopters and planes with bases in Rojava. In General, everything goes in line with the old trends associated with the creation of operational assumptions associated with the assault on Raqqa. Formerly the deadline is obviously frustrated that the Caliphate can certainly burn itself into an asset, but strategically it doesn’t change anything. Winning 1-2 months is unlikely to allow the Caliphate to significantly change the balance of forces around their capital.

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