Killing Pavel | VIDEO

​”Killing Pavel,” a documentary produced by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) and its Ukrainian partner, Slidstvo.Info​,​ reveals new details about ​last year’s killing of journalist Pavel Sheremet.

The Belarusian’s reporting had challenged authorities from Minsk to Moscow and Kyiv until he was killed in a car bomb in the Ukrainian capital in July 2016. The film features new information about his death that police never found, raising questions about the nature of the official investigation​.​

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Damascus 2013-2017 | Colonel Cassad

It is obvious that preparations are underway for hostilities against the Caliphate (the regrouping of troops and creation of strike groups requires a certain time), which we will see in the second half of may-early June. As the primary tasks is to sweep the area of the base of the Giro and promotion along the banks of the Euphrates to the administrative borders of Raqqa province + creation of prerequisites for the development of the offensive from the area Itree. Simultaneously, we can expect offensive operations to the North and South of the highway Ties – Palmyra, as well as the mounting of the strike group in the area of the Palmyra, for the ambitious offensive operations in the direction of Deir ez-Zor.

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