Notes from Deir-ez-Zor | Colonel Cassad

Officer of the red army


A few days ago in the besieged and split into two parts enclave of Deir ez-Zor arrived the team of Anna-News, led by Marat Musin. Below notes about what is happening in the enclave in recent days,

Notes from Deir-ez-Zor.

Our MI-8 helicopter landed in the center of the Panorama of the embattled Deir-ez-Zor. At the command post of the fight was ruled by the commander major General Muhammad Hasan. Commander in line-of-sight corrected fire of artillery on militants of the terrorist organization “Islamic state” (organization banned in Russia) in the cemetery which is really fortified. These items are further worked, the air force Syrian Arab Republic. The generals are confident in the imminent victory, thoroughly answered all my questions.

To free the cemetery’s busy stopping ISIS on 17 September 2015 with bombing assault air force strike American coalition Eminence — mountain Sarda-2. Haytham General of the 17th division, told in detail how his eyes four F-16 first probombili positions of the CAA, and then steel out of the cannon to shoot the soldiers in the trenches. Killed 54 soladata and officers, 13 were wounded. Then, literally 5 minutes went on the attack of ISIS and took the mountain Sarda-2. Without US aid ISIS to take these positions could not a year and a half.

General Hasan Arafat, whose subdivision takes position in the Bank of the Euphrates river in the cardiology clinic told how on December 6 similarly, four F-16 bombed a position of its parts in Ayash North of Deir ez-Zor. This was our first trip (now four). We removed then there are three destroyed infantry fighting vehicles, ZU-23, the tank and destroyed weapons caches. Killed 3 soldiers. After a month and 16 January 2016 ISIS had surrounded his unit. Three day General with 50 soldiers fought a battle in the environment. When ammunition ran out, he broke into a neighboring district.Thus, we have documented the facts direct US aid to ISIS.

In the city, a real humanitarian catastrophe. Even a meager rate of bread rationed to the inhabitants give only partially. Problems with drinking water. Water is given only once a week for just 4 hours. The inhabitants surrounded us and begged for the help of Russia. They hope only on us.
Marat Musin, Cyril Happy zinc

Today morning started well for the defenders of Deir ez-Zor. The Syrian air force bombed positions of ISIS (a terrorist organization banned in Russia). In the city rattled the glass. The air strikes were supported by artillery and tanks.

We flew the quadcopter rebel positions in the cemetery and took the hit of shells on the positions of Islamists. In response on our positions actively worked snipers militants. However, on the morning of the assault troops moved nearly 200 meters in the direction of the locked airport, but were unable to gain a foothold. Two hours later, the rebels counterattacked and regained the lost ground.

60% of the road to the runway kotroliruyut soldiers of the Syrian Arab army, 40% — LIH. 90% of the ill-fated cemetery, which area exceeds 1 square kilometre in control of soldiers, 10% — LIH. For reunification need to go with the fighting almost a kilometer.

This Wednesday ISIL was planning to crush the mass of defenders blocked the airfield, and only thanks to a massive blow dryers with Jamima, courage and heroism of its defenders, the bloody tragedy recently occurred.

Today, as usual, once a week the residents were given 4 hours water. All stocked up for the week. The inhabitants surrounded us and all in one voice said that the famine in the city. Grimy children took us to the Mall and talked about the crazy price of Essentials. Children and adults shouted that two years have not seen milk and meat, sick medications. Some boys in our eyes, dug up the roots of felled urban trees for firewood. After all, the kilo of pressed cardboard (hardboard) costs $ 2. Residents with tears in their eyes pleaded with Russia in our face about salvation.Despair and tears civilians and children, it was impossible to see. Some women, not fearing the threats of a terrible death, said on camera that if ISIS breaks, that they finally do take up arms…

We found several witnesses air bombing of the American coalition of the Syrian Arab army. The survivors of this bombing assault the impact of the US soldiers and the General spoke as they were shot from guns NATO aircraft. Called the names of the victims then men. Said that ISIS would never have taken their position (they fought off over 30 attacks), if not a treacherous blow to the F-16. zinc

Today we once again filmed the militants of ISIS (a terrorist organization banned in Russia) at the cemetery of Deir ez-Zor. In response, the terrorists tried to shoot us. Their small drone accurately thrown at our car a homemade bomb. Mine exploded a meter from the car. Pierced the radiator and front wheels, a damaged engine, in terms of the environment is rather problematic to fix. This time no one was hurt.

We changed position. Launched the quadrocopter and began to direct him to the militants. Our quadrocopter attempts to bring down Syrian soldiers but missed the target and ceased fire, having heard untranslatable play on words in Russian and Arabic. Helped us to manage our device, each General Hasan Arafat and the Syrian journalist Ahmad Hamdouch. At this point, the Islamist drone again found us and threw a bomb 20 metres from the group. General Hasan received shrapnel wounds in the stomach and in the leg, Ahmad shrapnel in the leg. The General was born “in a shirt”.Another fragment went through his heart, but piercing the left breast pocket of the jacket and lying it with the phone, lost deadly force.

Before that we visited on the Northern front, our old friend Colonel Imad. Said that our life, like the lives of the residents of Deir-ez-Zor, today depend on the strength of his soldiers and the Russian space forces. After all, the terrorists had concentrated large forces in his front, hoping to crush the bulk of the garrison. The Colonel said he was waiting for their attack last night. Only asked for one — night-sights on rifles, which in a large number of fighters, and plenty of ammunition.

The morning was present at the landing of humanitarian aid to the Red Crescent with military transport aircraft. Parachute systems for the 100 thousand inhabitants of Deir-ez-Zor dropped sacks of rice, lentils, cans of oil. It was sad to see how dirty boys gathered handfuls of earth spilled rice for their hungry families, some with handprints collected from the chutes of the spilled oil. The city’s gravest humanitarian catastrophe. zinc

In recent days, ISIS (a terrorist organization banned in Russia) were transferred under the Deir ez-Zor, about two thousand militants. Last night at the airport surrounded by soldiers of the Syrian Arab army managed to repel another powerful attack fighters. But for her in the coming days and hours, others will follow…

A previous attempt to crush the defenders of the airfield ground was taken last Wednesday. At the airdrome blocked almost a third of the garrison city. The defenders did not have enough ammunition. On the day that — at best — one flatbread (pita bread) per person. Ammunition and bread dropped from the helicopter. However, Deir ez-Zor for two years as it has become synonymous with the siege of Leningrad. Militants in anger because they can not forgive the garrison and the inhabitants of so long a resistance. If successful, a warning to others they are willing to spend in Deir ez-Zor mass shock penalty.

Operation raschlenenie garrison town, which began January 13, 2017, according to estimates by the commanders of the warring here units planned very well and with a long sight. That allows one punch to change the geopolitical situation in the middle East and undermine the international authority of Moscow and Damascus. To raise the morale of terrorists. Key Syrian tragedy and revenge ISIS today is Deir ez-Zor.The oil field is the third largest province of Syria with an area of 33 thousand square kilometers, are home to the terrorist organization ISIL in Syria source the necessary funding. The intercept of this strategic resource will dramatically weaken the power of the Islamists.

In a cemetery on part of the front length of 1.5 km and a width of not more than 1 km, there are three professional teams of snipers. Fighters rapidly erect defensive structures engineering, competently hiding and almost no losses in the strikes, actively engaged in infantry combat as it was today. To unlock the airport must have a recent Autonomous landing, fire support helicopters. Transport helicopters more capacity.

We filmed with a quadcopter from a small height the positions of ISIS on several fronts. Due to the buzz of the machine, the Islamists have instituted in different areas and tried unsuccessfully to shoot down.

On the Northern front in the district Ayash, where it was strapped more than 300 militants attacked the Russian space forces. The militants here have caused serious damage, loss specified.

A night of complete domination from ISIS snipers which, unlike snipers garrison, have sufficient night sights and thermal imagers. And SAA here they are almost there. The situation is complicated by hunger and lack of vitamins (particularly vitamin E), which most of the soldiers of the garrison sees badly in the dark. As a result, every night the defenders lose at least five soldiers killed and ten wounded. Soldiers are fighting bravely is not high ideological reasons, and the simple desire to sell more expensive their lives.They have almost no heavy weapons, in the hands of conventional machines.

At the hospital we again visited our wounded friend Hasan Arafat. Showed by shrapnel pierced the heart of the phone, was invited on a fishing trip to Astrakhan. In response, Hasan has promised to feed us jamming fish with illegal fishing in a tributary of the Euphrates river, where his division. The hospital is located just 150 meters from ISIS positions, the building is not heated and constantly shelled by rebels. The wounded lie in beds in hats and clothing. There is almost nothing of the necessary medication. zinc

30 minutes is a powerful night attack ISIS (a terrorist organization banned in Russia), the positions of Syrian soldiers blocked the airport of Deir ez-Zor. The militants attacked from the South-West direction with the dominant height of mount Sard. The ISIS troops are actively supporting fire coming from the cemetery. The Syrian air force had just bombed their bases to bomb the line of contact can. Hear powerful cannonade. The soldiers hold. In the air panic and vote no. Everyone is waiting for the help of the Russian space forces as it was in a similar situation in the environment. Now ISIS is rolled back. zinc

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