The military situation in Syria. 02.02.2017 | Colonel Cassad

Russian-Iranian coalition, at this stage, on the one hand continues to feed the Syrian army with men and equipment, while private participation in hostilities remains dosed. At the same time made diplomatic moves to consolidate the successes of the 2016 campaign-year attempts to conclude a separate peace with Turkey, and its Syrian minions, which will allow you to end the Syrian civil war in favor of the Russian-Iranian coalition. If Turkey in principle prepared in certain circumstances to facilitate this, Saudi Arabia and Qatar oppose such a development. The position of the US and its satellites remains unclear because of the change in Washington. Therefore, in the further actions of Russia and Iran will remain a certain dualism – they will continue to provide an opportunity for Assad to wage war and win it, and at the same time will tend to the conclusion that suits their world, where Moscow and Tehran will have a decisive impact on shaping post-war Syria.

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