Dugin’s Guideline – Axis Moscow-Baku-Tehran


Hello, you are watching the program “Directive Dugin”.
Today Baku has hosted the summit between the heads of the three Eurasian powers – Russia, Iran and Azerbaijan.

Importantly, where there is this meeting and when it took place. Baku, capital of Azerbaijan, was not chosen randomly. Azerbaijan both geographically and geopolitically is located between Russia and Iran. And the best places to build strategic partnership between Russia and Iran is difficult to come up with. But today in Russian-Iranian relations we are talking about a strategic Alliance. Iran accepted into the SCO is the main ally of Russia in Syria. We are just fighting side by side with the Iranian brothers against the common enemy – the Islamists backed by the Saudis, Qatar and, most importantly, USA.

It is very important that the eyes improve relations Russia and Iran with Azerbaijan, although earlier in this complicated geopolitical configuration was a lot of problems. First of all, due to the fact that both Russia and Iran have traditionally close relations with Armenia, which is the regional enemy of Azerbaijan. The Karabakh problem complicates the situation.But lately, between Russia, Iran and Azerbaijan was reached mutual understanding on Karabakh problem: all agree that the first step to its solution must be the return of five adjacent to Karabakh, occupied by Armenians during the escalation of the Karabakh war. This will support both Moscow and Tehran. When they come under the control of Baku, opens the possibility of admission of Azerbaijan to the EEU and the CSTO.

So, formed the axis Moscow-Baku-Tehran, which will dramatically change the balance of forces in the region, depriving the West’s freedom of maneuver and the ability to provoke in their own interests the conflicts of the three Eurasian powers. The role of the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev in this process is the key: engaging in a strategic Alliance with Russia and Iran, Aliyev is fully transferred from the sphere of influence of Atlanticism to Eurasianism. That, however, is quite logical and natural for such Eurasian countries as Azerbaijan.

It is important that the Baku trilateral summit held on the eve of the epochal meeting of the President of Russia with the President of Turkey in Saint-Petersburg. This is the first meeting after the dramatic breakup of a downed Pro-us gülen sect of Russian aircraft. First after the apology, Erdogan’s Pro-American and a failed coup in the night from 15 to 16 July. Now the way for the restoration of Russian-Turkish relations is completely cleared. Moreover, Moscow and Ankara are all ready to move the relations between Russia and Turkey are also on the level of strategic partnership.This will need to make two logical step – to accept Turkey into the SCO, this invitation has been announced on 5 August in Ankara by the President of Kazakhstan Nazarbayev. And then get out of NATO. What is likely to happen, unless, of course, will not happen, God forbid, a new coup, or worse, war. Because it would mean the complete collapse of American hegemony.

Therefore, in the near future the triple Alliance of Russia, Iran and Azerbaijan can be supplemented with a fourth pole – Turkey, firmly embarked on the Eurasian side. And again the role. Azerbaijan will be key, as Baku has the most historical, civilizational and cultural ties with all three countries – Russia, Iran and Turkey. Ilham Aliyev is a key player not only in the Caucasus region, but in a more global scale.

Of course, these alliances must be built taking into account the national interests of Armenia, the guarantor of which is Russia and Iran who have Yerevan’s close relations. But once the issue with the five districts adjacent to Karabakh, and Ankara is ready to open its border with Armenia, that is, to the harmonization of Turkish-Armenian relations. Earlier, when Turkey pursued a Pro-American policy, it was, rather, to the detriment of Eurasian geopolitics. But today, especially after Pro-us coup in Turkey, everything has changed dramatically. And the rapprochement between Ankara and Yerevan with the support of Moscow takes on a completely different meaning.

We stand on the threshold of radical geopolitical transformations not only in regional but also at the continental scale.

All the best, have you watched “Directive Dugin” about a trilateral summit in Baku.

In the new strategic geometry the main player becomes Ilham Aliyev and the geopolitics of Azerbaijan. Therefore, the current Baku summit and is of such importance.

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