Dugin’s Guideline – Independence day USA


Hello, you are watching a program Directive Dugin. Today, July 4th U.S. Independence Day.

So, on July 4, 1776 the United States of America ceased to be a colony of Britain and became an independent State. It would seem that this could be congratulated. It’s good to cease to be a colony! But then the question arises: how can a country built on the annihilation of the local population and built their wealth on the enslavement of black Africans, freed from their colonial entity?After all, behind the newly independent Americans, this was the only – the only – the colonial history of seizure, genocide, slavery and ruthless exploitation. After gaining independence from the British metropolis, how could the colonialists to be free from the colonial spirit? Now, if the Indians were able to cut the invaders and send them back across the Atlantic, where they come from – that would be Independence.But if a group of aggressive Anglo – mostly religious fanatics, cultists and a motley criminal rabble – broke with the Empire, sent her for exploitation of peoples and continents, the worthless was this independence. This contingent obviously had nothing intelligent to create. And not created.

After becoming independent, the United States immediately began to practice the same colonial style, but only with respect to the neighbors. In 1823, was proclaimed “Monroe doctrine”, obosnovyvaetsya US dominance over the countries of Central and South America. And later, in 1845 the idea of “Manifest destiny” (eng. Manifest Destiny), which became the argument to justify the annexation of the Western U.S. territories previously owned by Mexico – Arizona, new Mexico, Texas, California.The Americans declared – quite in the spirit of their teachers and ancestors of the British – God supposedly commanded us to possess all the peoples who are stupid, lazy and cruel, and to make them civilized, we need to conquer them. That is, freed from the Empire, the US itself began to turn into an Empire. That’s why the United States needed freedom and independence to subdue other Nations and made dependent of ourselves. But most heinous in U.S. history, is that the cynicism, nationalism and racism covered with slogans about progress, freedom and democracy. Many people are selfish and cruel.But such false people, as citizens of the United States must still search.

Do Americans seriously that they built hypercapitalistic a society completely devoid of a sense of style and action, like a giant mould, with base values and sverhpredelna pseudo-culture is ideal or not believe, but they are stubbornly, arrogantly and aggressively. Given freedom from great Britain they used to systematically deny the freedom of others under the slogans of freedom.

Highly symbolic that the famous statue of liberty is a Hellenic goddess of hell, night, and death – Hecate. She has particular headgear – just like Hecate and she’s holding a torch. If you have a torch, so we are talking about night and darkness. After all, why light the torch during the day? The Greeks believed that it is needed only in the realm of the dead – this artificial light.

In the 19th century, the United States still remained a peripheral power, a kind of provincial parody of the Old world, took from him the basest and primitive features – the cult of the body, the pursuit of growth in material production, the complete lack of attention to the spirit. But gradually the monster grew more and more, and in the twentieth century eclipsed Britain, once it has spawned and took her place in the world. However, if England created the Empire of capitalist modernity, the United States built an Empire of postmodernism, devoid of any rational project, any goal, any plan of development or formation.

Friedrich Junger wrote that the most terrible thing in modern times is the spirit of the Titanic. In the United States he is represented in the brightest form. In America disproportionately huge – money, buildings, budgets for the film industry and the war. And the unipolar world that the US is still trying to build today, is the pure embodiment of stupidity, the dark colossal power, vulgarity and sin – a set of properties typical of the titans rising up to revolt against the gods.

USA is not a country, it is the embodiment of a dead-end path of evolution, the decline of Western civilization. If the Americans had at least a small sense of proportion, they are quite satisfied with their own successes and created his own world, finding a form of balance with other cultures and peoples. But the lack of taste, style and proportions is fatal. Therefore, the American monster will go on its way, yet not fall into the abyss. This is the fate of the titans.

All the best, it was a Directive Dugin about the United States of America and the spirit of the Titanic.

All the titans sooner or later falls into the pit of hell, which is their Motherland. But the most important thing for us is not to allow them to take us with him. Today, the only worthy of the name independence is independence from the United States of America and enveloped the entire planet’s networks of influence.

See the archive transmission – http://tsargrad.tv/

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