Alexander Dugin: Sooner or later the river will flow back


I believe that the monarchy is the optimal form for Russia of the Board. But it can only be restored in the context of the global conservative revolution.

The monarchy — an institution that can only exist in the “operating system” traditional, sacred society. Its meaning is the presence in the political system, state, nation, first, of a certain historical goals and objectives, and secondly, the blessing or Executive functions from the face of the divine.

The monarchy is inseparably connected, on the one hand, religion on the other — with the performance of the historical mission. The modern world is based on the denial of God (hence secularism) and denial of the Messiah (hence, pragmatism, realism). And the monarchy is in contradiction to the system with it. In the modern world, it can only be a post-modern caricature, a blasphemous ugliness.

It’s like a Museum of atheism, selected located in the Church temple, where the guide dresses up in the clothes of the priest and shows what gestures he made during the service. As this exhibit, meaningless and senseless, it can exist indefinitely. All of the modern monarchy in Saudi Arabia, in England and in Spain — so that’s the parody. Eastern countries are not as far advanced in the modernization as the West or Russia, there are preconditions for the existence of these institutions can still persist. But a monarchy, for example in Thailand, is still far from complete.

My conclusion is: either the monarchy or the modern world. To restore it in Russia and not to turn the great spiritual institution in clowning, we need a fundamental rethink all the foundations of life, a return to the traditional worldview, the Orthodox religion, the idea of class society. It is necessary to completely revise all our ideas about man, about the world, about life, about space, about history, about the environment.

It’s a lot of work, and the will to commit, yet. We are still terribly far from even a first step in this direction. We are moving in the opposite direction — deeper into the modernization and Europeanization. Improvement of social and economic institutions — it is anti-development, the decline of the spirit, it is accompanied by a rejection of traditional religious attitudes, from the sacred worldview.

To return to the monarchy is how to turn the tide of the river. But remember — when Christ came to be baptized in the Jordan, the water stopped from the terror of the appearance of deity. The restoration of the monarchy in Russia requires the same horror of our social self-awareness. We need to stay rooted to the spot in front of the greatness of this sacred monarchical ideas, and to retreat, and to turn from former ways.

So far, we live happily ever after and no special horror feel. No shadow of reflection and deep, spiritual repentance for their actions in the twentieth century. On the contrary, flourishes smug obvinenie. However, the elders say that in the end times before the coming of the Antichrist, the monarchy should again be established, at least in the short term. When and how this happens — I don’t know. From the point of view of rational — never. But rational foresight, especially in our Russian history, not worth a dime.


Stauffenberg was Right!

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