Dugin’s Guideline – The new monarch of Thailand


Today in Thailand is the inauguration of the new monarch – to 64-year-old crown Prince Vajiralongkorn, son of the deceased on 13 October at the age of 88 years of the king of Thailand Bhumibol Adulyadej.

Thailand is probably the only country in Southeast Asia that escaped European colonization. Therefore, the word “tai” or “Thai” means “freedom”. Freedom of the people that were able to provide a strong and responsible Thais monarchical power.

The predominant religion of Thailand is Buddhism, and therefore, the monarchy is based on ancient Buddhist traditions. It is a sacred monarchy, continuing the line of the ancient rulers and disappearing into the depths of time. The kings of India and Indo-China have traditionally been viewed as not just secular rulers, but as the custodians of religion, as sacred authority. Therefore, the functions of the sacral monarch in Thailand involve to permit the accumulating contradictions between parties, classes, ethnic and religious groups.In Thailand, besides Thai people, live in Lao, and the Malays, Hmong, Khmer, and along with the overwhelming majority of Buddhists in the South part of the Malays profess Islam. Between the various segments of the society there were conflicts and clashes, but it happens all the time in Thailand surrounding countries, and the necessary monarchical power. That is the mission of the king – not so much to govern as to provide a continuous support for all Thai people, to bless with his presence the political, social and economic life.

For Western Modernism such royalty may seem a throwback – what is that king who does not rule. But for a Buddhist consciousness inaction is more important than the act, and contemplation – important activity. This is the essence of Eastern ethics and metaphysics: this world is just vanity swarming shadows, streams of Dharmas. All here ghostly and illusory. Therefore, at the head of society is not the one who is immersed in the element of power, control, intervention in public and political processes, and the one who is most removed from them.This is the sacredness of the monarch – he reigns but does not rule. He stands above the world of illusion, connecting humanity, revolving in the circle of samsara, the cosmic bustle with unwavering metaphysical world of the absolute, where the vanity comes into contact with the same fixed eternity of Nirvana. Beautiful and deep idea of the monarchy, giving the people freedom, wisdom and salvation.

Of course, the monarchy does not exclude crises and shocks. So, in 2014 in Thailand happened, in fact, a coup d’état and the political power was seized by the military to prevent the outbreak of civil war between opposing political forces. Their leader was the commander of the army, General prayuth Chan-OCHA. He headed the military government of Thailand. But it is not abolished the monarchy, the institution which is above politics.

And now interregnum ends, and the throne includes a new sacred Buddhist monarch Vajiralongkorn.

You may recall that between the Thai monarchy and the Russian monarchy traditionally had very close ties. After all, the Russian monarchy was in its sacral roots, only in a different, Christian sense. But in our Orthodox tradition, the monarch, the king has the spiritual metaphysical significance. He is also the guarantor of the metaphysical religious legitimacy of the political system. Even the official national anthem of Thailand was written in 1888, Russian composer Surowski. So far it is the anthem of the Royal house of Thailand and sounds today during the ascent to the throne of the new Thai monarch. His coronation is held under Russian music.
All the best, have you watched the program “Directive Dugin” about the enthronement of the new Thai monarch.

Worth us to pay attention to the roots of the sacred institution of the monarchy. The monarchy is a wise, deep, Holy, but, in addition, it is also beautiful. Much more aesthetically political fuss narcissistic black…

See the archive transmission – http://tsargrad.tv

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