Trump and the new geopolitical map | ALEXANDER DUGIN

Trump represents a deviation from the main line of American policy.

In this sense, he is an unexpected candidate, a candidate who does not represent either a republican or a democratic party, as they existed during the last 60-70 or even 100 years. He is largely inconsistent, but nevertheless the algorithm of his election campaign was expressed in the model of realism in International Relations.

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Anthropological moment in human history | ALEXANDER DUGIN

More general consideration of the future. The mankind is approaching the singularity moment when Artificial Intellect will equal or more strong to the human one. Technically it is almost done and quantum computer and the progress in the neuro-networks is amazing. So we need to concentrate once more on the deep anthropology, on the question what is human? What that means now? And specially in front of Artificial Intelligence. That is the main challenge. The Artificial Intelligence and post-humanism (aka trans-humanism) is the logical step in the ideological triumph of liberal ideology based on the identification of human being with individual.

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Dissection Of The Caliphate. Option # 2 | Colonel Cassad

SAA in turn will take several days to create a full wall of the boiler, so as long as there has been only a General cordon cutting off the group from rest of the Caliphate. Overall, this development is changing in favor of the SAA strategic position in Central Syria and creates the preconditions for the further liberation of the territories of the provinces of HOMS and Hama, and also creates the medium term to restore oil production in the liberated areas that will facilitate economic situation in Syria.

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