Alexander Dugin: Political Philosophy in Judaism

Therefore, the philosophy with regard to religion is something very important. And it is not the past is what is happening today and allows us to adequately decipher the news that, for example, relate to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Thus, the political philosophy of religion is a valid factor in today’s modern specific policy, explains the past and determines the future.

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Briefly on Syria | Colonel Cassad

The war is far from over, but now the contours of key tasks are being seen, the solution of which will allow Talk about the end of the Syrian war.Will this happen in 2018 or later, will depend first of all on the successes of the Syrian military and their Russian and Iranian allies. What we see now is the consistent harvesting of what was planted in 2015-2016 Years. It is not without problems, but the general trend is quite favorable and promises further territorial acquisitions.

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The last point of descent to hell | Alexander Dugin

The Europeans did arrive to the last point of their descent to hell. The darkness is so strong that nobody recalls anymore what the light may be. That is the consequence of the revanche of Logos of Cybele mastered in the origins of European civilization by Indo-European Apollonian cultures, but liberated itself from the the chains – like Satan in the Apocalypse story. The metaphysics of technic is the essence of titanism. The present state of things in Europe is not casual, it is a logical stage – the final one – of the process originated with the Modernity and the refusal of Tradition. The Europe without Tradition is not Europe any more, it is Anti-Europe.

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