Moments of the middle East war | Colonel Cassad


During the transfer of reinforcements in Eastern Hama from Aleppo an attack from ISIS, lit up the Russian military.

Video of transfer of reinforcements to Hama. In addition to the Russian military, it can be noted trailers with ammunition in commercial quantities.

Offensive in Eastern Hama to the East of Salamis.

Mi-8 in Qamishli.

It is also worth noting that fighters of the Caliphate have shot down a Syrian Mi-8 helicopter in the area of Qamishli. Pilot rescued.
UPD: According to others, cause damage to the machine technical, more like getting something in the tail (anti-aircraft shells or ATGM).

Turkish efforts.

Plus lit up the transfer of Turkish 155-mm howitzers “Firtina” in the area of Azaz. It is obvious that the Turkish army intensifies group of militants centered against the Kurds in the district of tal-Rifat and it is likely that in the coming days, expect the acute in ‘ afrīn.

Plus Turkey. Modified М60А3 with a new dynamic protection.

Heavy losses in tanks under the al-Bab obviously pushed the Turks to strengthen the work on improving the protection of its armored vehicles, which in practice was not quite ready for the realities of the Syrian war.


In Mosul continues the assault of the old city. The remaining blocks dub aviation, in the city there are heavy street fights. The collapse of the defense fighters is not observed. Army suffers heavy losses.

And a bit of rough from Yemen, Iraq and Syria. All that is next – 18+.

Another defeat Sudanese mercenaries Houthis.
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Destroyed a group of militants of the Caliphate in the area of Tikrit (Iraq).
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Field commander “An-Nusra” killed by a suicide bomber Caliphate in Deraa.
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Prisoner alifatic in the area of Raqqa.


Stauffenberg was Right!

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