The last Bastion | Colonel Cassad



The map shows the last stronghold of the militants of the Caliphate in Mosul – quarters of the old city. The Iraqi army and security forces in recent weeks, gave up trying to RAM the defense of these neighborhoods from the South that led to large losses, and methodically took the blocks to the North of the old town near the river, gradually narrowing the encirclement. Now comes the hard part – the Stripping of the old town, which promises to be very bloody, given the fact that the militants are not willing to give up.


For illustration, the day before yesterday appeared a panoramic video of combat operations of an attack helicopter mi-28, the Iraqi army, as well as to assess the landscape West of Mosul, and on the last stronghold of ISIS in Mosul. The video itself made in a more fashionable format 360 degrees, so you can hover the mouse over the screen to rotate the image in the video.


It is difficult to say how long it will take to sweep the old town. The storming of Mosul and so has led to the disruption of all possible terms, demonstrating all the difficulties encountered in the storming of big cities, which as in the case of the assault on Aleppo, Manbij, Fallujah and Raqqa upcoming storm will be closely studied by military experts from different countries to make refinements in existing approaches to such issues.

PS. And on the topic of “last strongholds”.

DAaotJ_WAAIWyiJ.jpg large.jpeg

The last enclave of the Caliphate in Damascus at the Yarmouk camp.

Already a few days with a link to anonymous military sources, they are saying that the militants will be transported to the territory of the Caliphate in exchange for the surrender of the enclave.

We are talking about evacuation in the province of Deir ez-Zor, with a fair surrender of heavy weapons and the transfer of territory under the control of the SAA. In a similar way Assad is already working with “green” organizing them “green buses” to Idlib. Will the Syrians in the use of such tactics in respect of the Caliphate is not yet clear. The pros and cons of this arrangement is obvious.

1. Released another part of the outskirts of Damascus and eliminated one of the old enclaves of the insurgents, which increases the overall strategic coherence.

2. Freed troops blocking the enclave and they can be used for other operations.

3. Letting the “black” part of the Yarmouk, the same can accelerate the surrender of the “green” part with the export of militants in Idlib.

1. Exported fighters, can enhance short-term one of the fronts of the Caliphate, for example, to be thrown into a new battle in Deir-ez-Zor, which can create additional difficulties.

2. Even a tactical deal with the Caliphate, will undermine the intransigence of the Syrian government regarding the gradation list of terrorists with the division into people with whom to communicate and with whom not.


Stauffenberg was Right!

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