Burning T-90 in the area of Khanasser | Colonel Cassad


Propaganda, ISIS has posted a video which depicted the alleged hit from a ATGM T-90 in the area of Khanasser where the CAA for several days is offensive.

The attack is carried out as the Syrian units, and various Pro-Iranian groups. Main aims – access to the administrative borders of raqqa province. In the long term – prodvijenie in the direction of the airbase Tabka.

The pace of progress is moderate, the enemy is a chilling effect and slowly moves to the East. In fact, somewhere in these battles apparently and there was the episode with the video below.

Judging by the flag, the tank belongs to either the troops “Hezballa” or “Liwa-Fatimid” (Afghan Shia fighting in Syria on the Iranian lines). And those and others yuzayut both Iranian and Russian weapons.

UPD: IN the comments, readers point out that it was Iraqi Shiites from the “Harakat-al-Nogba”.

Immediately noteworthy is that the video doesn’t show the hit from a ATGM at a tank, as well as the fact that through the second open hatch not observed smoke and fire. More like the fact that the burning ammunition gun. In General, it is difficult to tell if the tank is only slightly damaged or worn damage was terminal in nature.

UPD: it is possible that in the area of the gun, burn the carpet, or any bags that the Arab tankers often carry on the turrets of their tanks.

Well, the fire could in its turn lead to detonation BK machine gun.


Stauffenberg was Right!

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