Dugin’s Guideline – Russian philosopher Vladimir Karpets

Vladimir Karpets was a convinced Russian patriot. Orthodox fundamentalist, monarchist, supporter of the Empire. For him, as for all those I consider my friends, the Crimea was our always – long before 2014. And has always been our Novorossiya, was and will be. We with Vladimir Igorevich was a common passion – the Empire as the ultimate expression of the Russian Order.

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Treason Through the FSB Looking Glass | Moscow Times

In the absence of any hard information, two broad narratives have emerged to explain the arrests. The first is that this is essentially a case of espionage, that they knowingly or unwittingly divulged state secrets to the Americans. The second is that this is instead one of the regular ‘silovik struggles’ take place within and around the security agencies, over resources, seniority or personality. The two need not, however, be mutually exclusive.

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The FSB and the case of “Humpty Dumpty,” | Antifashist.com

The group of hackers materialized a few years ago in the information space of literally nowhere. The “professional” circles of them were not known, the group members themselves perfectly codified and living abroad. The participants of the “black” or “Anonymous International”, as they called themselves the criminals, have access to personal data of virtually all of Russia’s political and business elite from the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev to the media mogul Aram Gabrelyanov.

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The court extended the arrest of the organizer of the “Humpty Dumpty” | Interfax.ru

Lefortovo court of Moscow extended to March 8 arrest of journalist Vladimir Anikeeva charged with illegal access to computer information, and which, according to the media, organized hacker group “Humpty Dumpty.”

“Decree of 28 December 2016 a preventive measure in the form of detention against Anikeeva extended until March 8, 2017,” – he said to “Interfax” court spokesman Yekaterina Krasnova Monday.

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“Humpty Dumpty” targeted high-ranking officials | Life.ru

There are two versions of cooperation and a high-ranking FSB officer “Humpty Dumpty.” According to the first, Mikhailov was charged to establish who the “Anonymous International”, and find out, he led them to work, which provided substantial benefits to all participants. Blackmail officials and businessmen of their personal correspondence brought huge dividends.

According to another version, the original “Humpty Dumpty” was created with the participation of the aforementioned persons. But both versions say that the basic ideology of the hacker group was “business” – extortion of money from high-ranking officials.

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