Joint operations | Colonel Cassad

Russian aerospace forces and the Turkish air force on 21 January conducted a joint operation against the terrorist group “Islamic state” (banned in Russia) in the area of the Syrian village of al-Bab, said the Ministry of defence.

It is noted that in agreed with Damascus operation involved three aircraft and four aircraft of the Turkish air force, was struck 22 goals.

The first joint air operation by the Russian space forces and the Turkish air force took place on 18 January. It was attended by nine Russian aircraft — four su-24M, four su-25 and one su-34, and eight Turkish four F-16 and four F-4. During the operation, the aircraft struck 36 goals. The defense Ministry noted the high efficiency of joint action of Russian and Turkish groups. – zinc

Air and space forces of Russia and the international coalition forces struck a joint strike on militants banned ISIS. About it reports “Interfax” with reference to the defense Ministry.Command of the air group of Russian air force on the base Hamim on January 22 in a straight line received from the staff of the international coalition coordinates of the targets of ISIS in al-Bab in Aleppo province. Russian troops have carried out additional exploration using drones, and then two aircraft of Russian air force and two aircraft of the international coalition forces launched air strikes on militants. It was destroyed several warehouses of ammunition and fuel, and the area of a congestion of fighters with technology. – zinc

A year ago such a development would look totally unrealistic, but now it is perceived in the order of things. This is more than ample evidence of how the battle of 2016 changed the military-strategic situation in Syria.

At the front near al-Bab, the Turks continue to pull the ring around Kalisina and conduct trench warfare with the Caliphate to the West of al-Baba. Syrian troops continue an offensive to the North of Covaris, gradually approaching al-Baba from the South. Over the past two days the enemy lost several settlements and gradually ‘black’ forced to hang out with al-Baba, where it will provided more stubborn resistance. To the city straight from the advanced positions of the Syrians about 11-13 miles. As soon as the Syrians come to the city from the South, carefree life for the Caliphate it ends.

Corrupted M-60 Sabra captured by the Caliphate. The tank was hit in December and judging by the video, it with a damaged armored car “Cobra” fighters in al-Bab.

Prisoner of the Emir.

Broken BMP Caliphate.

Destroyed the cart of the Caliphate.

On a halt.


Tent at al-Bab.

PS. And very briefly in Deir-ez-Zor (more detail tomorrow).

Syrians in the area of 137th base in Rheine interchange reaching to the base of “Panorama” as a whole had covered from the militants and those unable to achieve the desired objectives. In turn, the SAA was not able to achieve the connection parts rusachenko enclave. In the area of the cemetery and adjacent urban areas continued fighting, which had not yielded significant results one of the parties. Apparently parties pretty exhausted after days of fighting and they need some of periglomerular to continue active operations.Black expected approach of reinforcements from Iraq, the Syrians are waiting for the transfer of reinforcements by air. The situation remains dire, but not yet hopeless. Active operations in Aleppo and HOMS should increase problems for the Caliphate that he could not engage in attacks on the enclave taking advantage of the relatively calm situation on the fronts against the SAA.

The deployment of reinforcements in Deir-ez-Zor through Qamishli.

Active bombardment and the deployment of reinforcements, enough to make it clear that the command of the SAA continues to do all it can to hold the enclave.


Stauffenberg was Right!

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