Dugin’s Guideline – Our Third Rome


October 19, 202 years before Christ occurred the battle of Zama, which put an end to the second Punic war and marked the final victory of Rome over Carthage.

Geopolitics as a science gives the Punic wars Rome and Carthage the absolute value. They took place between two civilizations and trading oligarchic Semitic progressive civilization of the Sea and warlike, heroic, conservative, Indo-European civilization of the land. By and large, this Punic war never ends, every success in her temporary claim of geopolitics. There’s always merchants and heroes, those who base their rule on the colonization and deceit, and those who come openly, and proposes an Alliance.The civilization of the land and the civilization of the Sea is always there and always led an eternal war, the great war of continents.

However, what happened on this October day in the year 202 BC at the battle of Zama, determined the fate of Europe for two millennia. The civilization of the Sea, Carthage worshipped Baal and Moloch, based on a religion of money and the rites of sacrifice infants. It was the religion of the free market and the financial oligarchy, corruption and bribery. It was the prototype of the modern West, one of the earliest versions of liberalism and globalization within the framework of the Mediterranean.

The civilization of the land, Rome, the heavenly honored male gods, valour and loyalty, adherence to tradition and strict conservative order. Here were honored military virtues, and the sight of priest-augurs was not addressed to underground Titanic powers, but to fly in heaven birds.

And here is the victory of Zama had decided that the future of Europe the civilization of the heroes, Rome, the heavenly religion of light and order. Liberalism Carthage fell. The civilization of the land, the solar Empire has prevailed. Says the English philosopher and writer Chesterton: “Christ, our true God, could only be realized in Rome, and only the Roman Empire could become an earthly basis of Christian civilization.” Only the civilization of the land can be and should be the civilization of Christ. The civilization of the Sea – Baal, and Moloch is the civilization of the Antichrist.

But despite this great victory at Zama over Hannibal’s armies, the enemy was finally defeated. Probably, it is impossible in principle: after all that was goodness and light must be evil and darkness. Drying only makes sense in the face of the Sea. And to the civilization of the heroes fell asleep, didn’t get lost in the internal collision, because the hero need to have someone to fight, and if not around the monster, the hero himself becomes, so that the beast was always at hand, the spirit of Carthage came alive in medieval Venice, the European pole of the Sea of civilization.Now skillful and vile money-lender, the Venetian Doge, Dandolo sends the crusaders of the Fourth crusade, instead of the Saracens on the Orthodox Byzantium and plunders our Constantinople the Hagia Sophia. And over in Europe is crawling poisonous tentacles of capitalism – that serpent, who was beheaded Sunny Rome to the battle of Zama.

The initiative of Maritime civilization further adopt themselves to Amsterdam, and from there it steadily moves to England. Then again, the world is eternal Carthage with their dark cults of money and perversion becomes a world power. England from the 17th century irrecoverably on the path of civilization of the Sea. Initially, the role of Rome, that is, the land of civilization, taking on a continental power France and Imperial Austria. But little by little, in the East of Eurasia raised the New Rome – the Third Rome, the Russian Empire. And it’s a Big Game: a new round of the Punic wars of England against the Russian Empire.A deadly battle of a few centuries. But the essence remains the same: heroes vs merchants, loyal to the sky and light against the hordes of materialism, Titanic and the interest of slavery. The battle for the future of civilization.

In the 20th century the great war of the continents, there was another twist. England weakens and passes the baton to the world of Carthage, its former colony, the USA. And the war of the continents erupts with renewed vigor. This time Eurasia against the Atlantic, the United States against Russia. However, this is not something new – it’s all the same – Yes, that’s it. Punic the war continues.

We stand before the decisive battle. Again in the Semitic world, Damascus and Aleppo. Where are the most fierce fighting on the border of Syria and Turkey, is the mountain of Baal Cassios. With those of the Phoenician coast, where it flourished cults of Baal and Moloch, as well as a bloody great mother Anat, went West by the Phoenicians, who founded Carthage and made him an invincible force. Same place, same forces – the civilization of the Sea against the land of civilization. Just passed 2200 years. Our Third New American Rome against Carthage. Today, October 19, 2016.

All the best, have you watched “Directive Dugin” the fall of Carthage.

Hence, the victory of the Romans over Carthage at Zama is the greatest victory in world history. This is our victory. But today we, the land of civilization, you will have to repeat the feat of our direct predecessors, the heroes of the first Rome. So, Carthago delenda est. Again and again, and again Carthage must be destroyed.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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