Donald Trump: You get the Radical Subject that you deserve


“Ultimately, contrary to what Susan Sontag thinks, only intellectuals believe in the ascendancy of meaning; ‘people’ believe only in the ascendancy of signs. They long ago said goodbye to reality. They have gone over, body and soul, to the spectacular.”

Jean Baudrillard,

One can faintly hear the diabolical laughter of P T Barnum filtering up from the depths of hell as America looks over the choice of Jeb or Hillary or Trump, and the thing is, Trump is entertaining. Trump is the spectacle. And we haven’t already seen this one fifteen times. Even if you absolutely hate Trump he is more fun than the suicide inducing boredom of Clinton vs Bush.

He will make the Sale.

Those who underestimate him ignore the depth of the popular hatred of the political class as a whole. The more he attacks that class (and its sacred cows), the more popular he will become. Ross Perot (who had none of Trump’s mastery of the media) tapped into the same vein and had a third of the country behind him at one point. Popular hatred of the political class has grown by orders magnitude since then. With another Clinton vs. Bush election looming this hatred is on a slow boil.

Obama is already leaking Hillary’s Syrian Jihad in order to throw her under the bus for ISIS and thus prevent a Clinton restoration within the Democratic Party. (I doubt he even cares who else wins as long as it isn’t Hillary.) In addition the RNC has a file full of X rated Bill scandals that they won’t drop until Hillary gets the nomination. A socialist is gaining on her in the polls, and as ever she is about as fun and exciting as a visit to the colon doctor.

Jeb Bush is everything conservatives hate about the Republican party in one smarmy little sissy-boy package. The only argument in his favor is that he is “more electable”. How long does that argument survive being consistently behind Donald Trump in the polls? Are the conservatives who were convinced to support McCain and Romney because they were “more electable” going to fall for that a third time, after losing twice in a row? You can only force yourself to swallow so many toads before you puke them all up.

We can only dimly speculate what would actually happen if Donald Trump was to win the presidency, but it is a safe bet that it would be a spectacular, brutally humiliating, and highly entertaining disaster for the whole political class. Donald Trump is the Rob Ford phenomenon with a media machine billionaire instead of a drunken drug gangster, and the leadership of the free world is the prize.

As a Donald Trump Presidency is a black swan event it has truly unknown destabilization potential. All those desperately searching for the escape hatch (or the self-destruct switch), and all those who would just like to completely desecrate the Presidency of the United States should fanatically support Trump, not as a “Leader” but as a weapon of mass psychological destruction aimed squarely at the already crumbling legitimacy of the ruling class and indeed the whole system.

Voting for Trump is the most obnoxious possible way for the American People to say “You’re Fired!” to our widely despised political class, and it follows a perfect neo-liberal logic: liquidate the useless middlemen. Fire the politicians who openly work for the super rich, and elect the super rich directly instead.

No doubt it is a leap into the Abyss, but what if you are 100% guaranteed to take Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush with you? And all their apparatchiks! For one low price! How do the houses of Bush and Clinton actually survive losing to a reality television star? We will survive the Abyss. We will survive Trump. They won’t.

Cut that fucking “rope over the Abyss” already, and get it over with.

“We shall never get back beyond that blind spot, that unlocatable point where the real ceased to be real…

It is in the Virtual that we have the ultimate predator and plunderer of reality, secreted by reality itself as a kind of self destructive viral agent”

Jean Baudrillard,

Trump has always been a highly post modern phenomenon: super rich because he is famous, famous because he is super rich…a virtual serpent swallowing his own tail. Does he even exist beyond the camera? How would it even matter if he didn’t? What he understands (and is about to demonstrate) is that there is no longer any separation between reality and television.

The Reality Television Fox News Troll will now simply walk from one set of television studios to another, and become the leader of the free world. This is the final transition point into a truly post-modern political order in which the line between reality and television is not just transgressed, but finally and completely gone, over, perhaps even unthinkable.

It is theorized that the final assimilation by the Spectacle of everything is exactly the point of its total self immolation and collapse. This final inversion has long been predicted by the most ancient of sacred traditions and the most sophisticated of avant-garde French drug addicts. Is this not what the opening event of the American Apocalypse would actually look like?

So America is lurching over in its fatty-wheelchair for some Soda, but it doesn’t want the two big brands (OMG it is so bored with them) and the whole shelf of lame store brands don’t entice it. And then lurks down the aisle something deeply uncanny (and very, very sinister), a pure avatar of the spectacle. He has some new crack for sale, and he even takes food stamps…and OMG he is from TV!

He will make the Sale.

The spectacle has taken over everything. Now reality television will assimilate the presidency into a pure entertainment product. This ontological shift will usher in a new order of being… perhaps this is the singularity…in any case alienation will be reified by the inversion of digitally encrypted exchange value and Donald Trump will have the nuclear suitcase.

He is a character straight out a Philip K Dick novel.

And so now are we…

You get the Radical Subject that you deserve.

5 responses to “Donald Trump: You get the Radical Subject that you deserve

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  2. Anger…as an increasingly impoverished former middle class
    american wage slave…you cannot fathom the rage that just
    bubbles below the polite smile these days. Gotta do my
    taxes this month and no health care…what happens when
    you are unemployed for 2/3 of a year…so I’m gunna get
    a penalty under Obamacare for being…poor? Feel that
    rage just burn. My friends are buying guns and ammo
    for a reason .


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