Dugin’s Guideline – Trump will drain the swamp



Again – Trump, after all the changes of the world system after the election of this candidate is so profound that now, more than ever, it is important to understand at least the most significant impact.

Pay attention to the campaign slogan of the company trump — “Drain the Swamp” – “Drain the Swamp”. Swamp Swamp is not just a metaphor. Now, after winning a trump, this is the most important concept. What is meant by “Swamp”, Swamp, Donald trump? For him and his supporters, “the Swamp” is globalism, liberalism, the dominance of transnational corporations, the aggressive foreign policy – in short, all that we usually call “hegemony”. The fact that globalism and hegemony become the main vector of American policy in the second half of the 20th century (although it was planned in the era of Woodrow Wilson in the early 20th century), has become something so evident that we just equated America and globalism. We said “America, USA” and meant “globalism, hegemony”. We said “globalism, hegemony” meant “America.” And we were right. And every globalist was an agent of US influence and the state Department, and every agent of US influence and the state Department was a globalist.

But now the 45th President of the U.S. himself stood on the opposite side of the globalism and hegemony, calling this phenomenon, this trend, this ideology of “Swamp.” Thus, he dealt a crushing blow to the center of the hegemony, in his core. He carried out fundamental conceptual action – paradigmatic gesture he separated the Swamp from America and even opposed them. So the Swamp that should be drained instantly became extraterritorial. The same unattached to the space phenomenon of international terrorism.Marsh is a global network of corruption, liberalism, the sectarian ideology of LGBT, civil society and human rights. This is the power of transnational corporations and nobody elected the self-proclaimed “global elite” – the profiteers, killers, and perverts.

So the United States – against the Swamp. America – against globalization. This means that the Swamp itself now. And that makes him vulnerable. Every country has its Swamp. And every country now have to drain. At the same time America America trump – this time is on our side. They drained the bog, Russians, Europeans. Every country has people and the Swamp, Swamp. And in between starts the last and decisive battle. To the Swamp belong to the elite and the outcast.But despite their minority, they are betting on young people, who tend to turn in its support, its fifth column – using technical gadgets, education, network. And besides the Swamp controls the modern global financial system. That is still a huge force. But not so grandiose and consolidated how to win trump. Victory trump is the beginning of the liberation struggle of America against the Swamp. And this is a sign for anti-Swamp of the revolution in all countries.

Look, what an amazing coincidence: rise of Russophobic globalist crowds on Bolotnaya in Moscow and the program of drainage of Swamps in America. And the same Soros who financed and instigated a revolt against our President and his Patriotic course, who was behind the Maidan and the unrest on Taksim square, organized gulenists, with the coup attempt in Turkey, is now bending over backwards to overthrow the legally elected President of the United States. And earlier as well a Horde of supporters of human rights raged in England in protest against the democratic decision on Brucite.

So we are all now in the same boat – peoples and sovereign rulers. And against us – Swamp. Hollande, Merkel, the Brussels bureaucracy, as well as Russian Pro-Western liberals or the sixth column is the Swamp. But now they don’t just serve the United States. Now they serve only their fanatical devilish idea. And trump they are already hated just as Putin, Erdogan and Orban.

And the main thing – not to lose time. The globalists already knew: they now have one goal – to wait out the trump. Draining the Swamp is the hardest case, because the Swamp will to resist. And the main calculation of the Swamp now that we don’t have enough time. And, alas, they may be right. So now we, the supporters of Putin and trump, enemies of the Swamp, and Soros, we must act rapidly. We have no time at all. Purification of swamp networks and structures should be carried out radically and without delay. While trump is with us. Marsh hopes to wait out the trump.Our goal is that, after the tramp in front of us stretched a fertile valley would be drained, ready for nurturing healthy, spiritual, folk and traditional cultures. And the Swamp would disappear to nowhere. In the abyss, where it came from.

All the best, have you watched the program “Directive Dugin” about the Swamp.

Drain the Swamp is the most Russian of the possible slogans. Trump is our chance, and we will curse themselves if they do not quickly use.

See the archive transmission – http://tsargrad.tv

Stauffenberg was Right!

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