It isn’t any Jew, Black, Mexican, or Native who has Western Civilization in the sordid fast food bathroom stall and is using it for toilet paper. It is White People. The Master Race needs to pull his fatty pants up and waddle over to the mirror so he can take a real hard look at what he has become. Because History is banging on the door with twice the Apocalypse or double your Genocide back, and we are all out of soldiers and food stamps.


For years white tra3705sh has cooked up his very own “white genocide” in the trailer bathroom with shoplifted cold medicine: Crystal Meth, the Zyklon B of the white capitalist death camp. Now white trash has new trick: he can mix up his own genocide in a soda bottle. Except that if brain damaged tweaker doesn’t get the recipe right it will explode burning toxic meth chemicals all over the place.


This is now very serious problem in the McDonald’s bathroom (which is of course the inverted sacred center of American civilization) with white trash idiots exploding meth napalm all over. Perhaps this is “final solution” to the whitey problem? We joke about napalming the McDonald’s, but now you do it to yourselves! Who needs death camps when you have Meth napalm and Big Mac fat explosion and the White Genocide Action Playset?


If you would just stay in your shopping mall everything would be fine, America. You won’t because you ran up the credit cards with the Chinese so bad it almost collapsed the entire world economy, so as always you go looking for some “savages” to murder and rape. You think you can lord over Muslims because they still believe in a real God and don’t want any of your foul idols. Yet your “superior” civilization loses again and again to “savages” when it has the Industry and the Technology and all they have is the Kalashnikov and the Koran.


Meanwhile Ronald McDonald is wiping his filthy syphilitic ass with the pages of Socrates and Cookie Monster is cooking up a shot with the holy water and trying to find an un-infected vein, and Television Jesus is mad at the Blacks because he doesn’t like the taste from the dirty cock of Walmart he just had to suck off in the bathroom stall so he could pay his child support money. Lady Liberty is a 300 pound white trash bitch stuffing her face with chicken wings while she watches Jerry Springer, and she is mad as fuck because her welfare check for being a retard got stolen by the Republicans, but somehow the Mexicans and the Communists are to blame.

Well, Wall Street has had enough of this nasty fat bitch, and the kids ain’t even his, so without her welfare check to pay for the FEMA trailer and the cable television, he puts Lady Liberty on the street. Of course three hundred pounds of butt ugly and retarded is only selling to truly sick pervos with a fat kink (and it is a rough trade, even for a trailer park girl like her) but she gets all the double cheeseburgers she can eat and even the Chinese buffet on Fridays. (Wall street is pimping her kids online while he trolls Facebook about Muslims and Black people.)

_77290804_77290803So in the middle of losing the war to Islam (which is now largely ignoring the west and settling its own civil wars), you go and pick a fight with Russia, your only possible ally that is worth anything at all. You forgot what the Russians did to your Master Race last time, and so you cock up a “humanitarian” putsch with your old Nazi buddies from the cold war in order to dump Putin’s Oligarchy for your own. Your total senility is now beyond any question.

imagesMeanwhile Mohammed is completely wiping the mat with Ronald McDonald, and the Orthodox Russian Bear just switched sides and joined the Shiite tag team. America screams “Television Jesus where are you?” but he is nowhere to be found. (He has an S&M thing going and has better things to do.) So Ronald McDonald tags in Victoria Nuland and some neo-nazi and Putin drop kicks both of them before they can even get into the ring, takes back Crimea, and tells you to fucking kiss his Russian ass, punk.


Your play America… (Are you feeling lucky?)

So maybe it is time to stop taking all the Prozac and shut the fuck up about other people, white boy? Eh? You did this to yourself whitey. You have one choice left: Are you going to die as a man or as a castrated lab rat?


Oh America! Wake up! Wake up from your sick dreams of the land of Coca-Cola and Prozac! Some homeless Mexican dude is sleeping with your mother and posting the photos on Facebook! The shopping hours are over! The Chinese at the payday loan are done with you, the trailer is about to get repossessed, and Islam and Russia are waiting for you in the parking lot!

They say they have some history to settle with you, White Man. Some unfinished business…


Ronald McDonald can’t quite remember any of that history, but it’s all good because they sure do. In fact the whole neighborhood and a lot of other people have turned out to watch you die…Looks like the Chinese are betting heavy on the other side, even with all that money you owe….Seems like they know something….


Azathoth is kicking up a tune for the last chapter of your diseased spectacle and the vultures of eternity are circling. The real Jesus is saddling his horsemen, but they won’t be riding for your side. You are the Antichrist, whitey. Fukuyama is already a robot and the final phase of consumerism is your apocalypse.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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