The flaps | Colonel Cassad


Aviation experts have studied the condition of the voice flight recorder from the Tu-154 Russian defense Ministry and could without any problems to decipher the record stored on it.

This Life said a source close to the investigation. According to him, the film fixing crew talks and conversations inside the cockpit was not damaged.

“Conversation is that one of the pilots exclaims: “Flaps, bitch!”. And then comes a cry: “Commander, fall!”, — told a source.

According to him, the second recorder, parametric, until delivered at the Central research Institute of the air force and when will it start decoding — is still unknown.
As explained by the Life Vice-President of Federation of aviation enthusiasts, honored test pilot of the USSR Viktor Zabolotsky, if the plane is having problems with the flaps, it can become unmanageable. “It turns out, one wing lifting force is big and the second one a little, of course, the plane will flip over, he said. — If the flaps are not cleaned or are cleaned unevenly, then there is a very powerful heeling moments and to control the plane very hard. zinc

The plane Tu-154 of the Ministry of defense, according to preliminary data, crashed due to “stalling” when there is insufficient for takeoff, the lift of the wing, said “Interfax” a source in the operational headquarters on the spot. “According to preliminary data, the flaps failed to work properly, as a result of their absence from the lifting force is lost, speed was not sufficient to climb, and the plane fell,” said the source on Tuesday. According to him, is not yet established the reason why the flaps could work nonstandard.

“Interfax” does not yet have official confirmation of this information. – zinc

Stauffenberg was Right!

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