Dugin’s Guideline – The Tu-154


About the disaster of our plane with musicians, journalists and doctors on Board, flying to Aleppo.

Yesterday in Russia was a day of mourning. But this does not mean that today it ended. That our pain subsided and retreated into the background.

Every death, every loss – especially sudden unexpected unpredictable – it’s a disaster, it’s a shock. For the family, but not only for the family. The tragedy, the horror, the pain makes all of us close to each other. This is a special fellowship of pain which we feel when all is well or just when everything is fine, but that instantly develops at critical moments. That’s when we know who the brother, and who an outsider. If our eyes and our souls the pain we take, we the people. If we’re out of this – we’re on our own… And God will then judge those on your own… And to talk about such is not desirable.

I noticed that the faster sincere and meaningful all at the tragedy responded to the people of Donbass. Instantly, rapidly. I guess it’s understandable. They were brothers in pain, she know what death is directly and touch. They’re awake fully and feel people. And even if Russia does not take them up in his arms as suffering from ailing needy children, and keeps at a distance – though not quite throwing, don’t throw in the jaws of the killers – still the pain of the Russian people of Novorossiya felt shrill and heartfelt.<<кам4>>And not only because he killed Dr. Lisa that the Donbas remembers and loves. But because suffering makes people real, open on the people of a truly human dimension. And then, any loss, any loss of penetrates deep inside the soul and turns everything in it.

The people who flew on the Tu-154, went not to the resort. They certainly understood that it is not tourism and not easy pleasant journey. They were suffering in Aleppo, where I still have them the horrors of war, where the corners of each house blood on the streets and mine extensions. But they were flying not to fight. They went to Aleppo, to sing, to dance, to play. After all, why actors go to war? To men of war, heard the music and saw the dances, they smiled and take a breath so they for a moment forgot about blood and torture, from the agony and bloody corpses.So they got a taste of the world, the breath of occasion. This more than relaxation and entertainment. Participation in the victory is the strengthening of the main part of man – his spirit. If artists came, then, the victory was accomplished. So the world is very close. So the war is over or nearly over. Here 92 Russian hero was flown to Aleppo to do just that: they carried with them the art of celebration, joy and help. They carried with them the victory. But they flew.

Yes, the war caught up with them. Know before departure what was? When saying goodbye to loved ones? With friends? When listening to thoughtful warning and calmed fears, saying mother do not worry you so, everything is under our control Aleppo, we won. It’s not dangerous. Even the animals, before being led to the slaughter, worried and feel the breath of death. The more people. Death is a part of our being. We try not to think about it, but we think about it.And when danger fits close enough and when trouble happens to be with loved ones or with ourselves, we remember very important and very scary at the same time truth: wherever we go, the last point of our journey is death. And if she finds us before then, then it must have very weighty reasons.

The person is not willing to die for whatever he can. Only for the most important thing. For the passengers of the plane Tu-154 flying to Aleppo, the most important was the victory of our Motherland is the great Russia in a difficult but noble war. 92 passengers flew to the front. But the front means that death is close. Somewhere. Yes, they flew not to fight. But they were flying at the front. And then they weighed the value of the main for them, weighed themselves – their hearts and souls. And made your choice. It was a conscious choice. The choice in favor of the Motherland. And for the Motherland certainly not ashamed and not sorry to die. It is worth it.

Those who died on Board the Tu-154 and killed our Ambassador in Ankara, Andrey Karlov, Alexander Prokhorenko, who died during the liberation of Palmyra, and the two pilots of the helicopter Rafagat Khabibulin and Evgeny Dolgin, who died there, and two of our nurses Hope Durachenko and Galina Mikhaylova, were killed in Aleppo, all burnt in the House of trade Unions in Odessa who died for the freedom of Novorossia – they are now all together in a single column of undead Russian souls, in the immortal regiment, in our brotherhood of love and pain. <<кам5>>And we are part of this chain — because we are mortal, because we are making a choice in favor of Russia.And we also, as they are called to the Russian front in our war, regardless of where they lay in Syria, the new Russia or Russia itself. We’re just following.

All the best, you were watching a Directive Dugin about the victims on Board the Tu-154.

See the archive transmission – http://tsargrad.tv


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