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Whether the truthers will go out with a bang or a bed wetting is the great question of the conspiracy subculture. J.R. Bob Dobbs’s famous line: “The joke is on you, pink boy” is a poetic image of the “alternative media” in the Trump era. Still too dumb to quite understand what was done to them, they are just beginning to fathom that a world-class grifter just waltzed in and stole their entire snake oil market right out from under them. Now we have UFO president, no one needs the retarded subculture anymore.

One of the marginal figures in this false flag conspiracy world is Branko Malić. I would have entirely ignored him except that in operating this website I read almost everything written in English about Alexander Dugin, for whom Branko Malić has developed an increasingly bitter and morbid obsession. Branko Malić has written a series of entirely repetitive essays against Dugin that follow the neoconservative line (straight from Weekly Standard and National Review) that Dugin is a “chaos satanist”. This is such a deeply stupid argument (based on nothing more than a deliberate misunderstanding of one essay of Dugin’s) that it doesn’t even merit a real response, but since Branko is throwing stones, I will respond in kind.

The existence of Branko Malic implies a civilization where opposition politics has become consumerism, which necessarily deviates to a point where completely delusional nonsense replaces critical political discourse entirely. This process is pushed forward by deviant subcultures in which rebellion is equated with believing in retarded bullshit, usually a quite deliberate stoner endeavor to understand the politics as a Saturday Morning Cartoon – this being the typical limit of socialization.

Branko Malic is such a Truther, an insidious pseudo-intellectual festering on the dead body of what was once American political culture. Because he has a European education he can pass himself off as a genius to the American Public School system products he associates with, and by the standards of their Hollywood Conspiracy Theory subculture, he probably is.

Branko Malic is a professional conspiracy theorist who writes long overwrought essays about how this so deeply disgusts him, about how horrible and evil the Holocaust deniers he fellow travels with are, but then declares himself a Holocaust denier as well. To the extent that he has anything to say, it is little more than the copying and pasting of a banal Guenonism, and while he presents himself as a Traditionalist, he doesn’t know that the “left hand path” is a Hindu concept. His whole brand is a slightly more elegant and European version of the truther worldview, basically Alex Jones with a bit of incense and a stale croissant.

In order to understand Branko Malic, and the entire truther subculture in which these parasites breed, it is necessary to grasp that their real motivation is not so much hostility to any given faction or authority, but to the very existence of real opposition politics as such. Furthermore this hostility is not a product of their personality or individuality, but rather of the neoliberal abomination that mass produces these precious snowflakes on an industrial scale. As despicable as he is, Branko Malic is just a post-modern meat puppet executing his programing.

The intrinsic need of the truther soul to be intoxicated by bullshit gets transformed into a thirst for deviant consumerism, and whoever can provide it is welcomed by the hordes of slobbering basement incels seeking refuge from the infinite butthurt of permanent social retardation. This is competitive consumerism, so, for instance, we witness the adoption of one retarded conspiracy theory after another, the way some people change socks, all striving to attain the ultimate subcultural experience: the absolute and final limit of socially retarded.

This can only be defined as a completely satanic manifestation of the spectacle, since the truther method does not proceed from principle and is essentially meant to deceive the believer into the delusion that he is smarter than someone else. One of its curious aspects is the tendency to eat the entire Chinese buffet. In this regard it is quite similar to the video gamers. There is something about the idea of a “real politics” that always makes the truthers feel deeply uneasy. It’s one of those fleeting emotions that linger on the fringe of consciousness, hard – if not downright impossible – to pin down, yet all the more persistent, quite akin to a vague physical uneasiness that follows eating the entire buffet.

Trutherism expresses that which is ultimately lower, and cannot be conceived in the terms of adult thought, operating at the level of comic books and bad action movies. The reason truthers are so bitter and miserable is that trutherism is a method of dealing with deep seated social butthurt in an imaginary environment for the purpose of control, but there is no way to control Incel butthurt. Namely trutherism exists in order to bring about Counter-Butthurt, i.e. pseudo-self-esteem and pseudo-status to the truther. They are, therefore, fruity and inverted.

When trutherism reaches the lowest point, releasing, quite literally, hell on earth, he finally has to clean up his room and go outside. How this terrible event would look is something we decline to describe because it is so gross and depressing. The end of the truther’s world is simply a complete revelation of lie qua lie, and therefore nothing else but a revelation of how awful the truther has become. Once absolute trutherism is reached it turns against itself, often in the form of unintentional parody and satire at its own expense. So we can safely conjecture that the end of trutherism will be very much like a final joke the conspiracy theorist plays on himself, as the tactical bowlcuts turn on each other.

Every hardcore truther knows the world is going to end, yet rarely do any of them know what day it is. The only possible end imaginable is therefore the end of their lie: dissolution of their bullshit and the reestablishment of politics in a way that they have no possible means to imagine. Now that they have served their appointed purpose they will be ruthlessly liquidated along with many other aspects of post-modernity, by the final inversion of the spectacle itself. As we are living out the end of western civilization, its necessary end must be the brutal shattering of the satisfied customers, a fatty’s moaning in the blackness just before the dawn.

So, as we are watching trutherism flop around on the ground like a fish,let’s give it a soccer kick. For as Branko Malic accelerates into full blown Glenn Beck Brain disease. – generally masked as Alexander Dugin Conspiracy Theory – one cannot help but notice how progressively paranoid and unavoidably funny he becomes. So, why not mock this great mockery until he dissolves into the liberalism from which he came?

And you know how it is: Malič is rarely ever wrong when he feels that he’s about to write another fifteen pages of melodramatic bullshit.

6 responses to “The Crisis of the Truther World | AKIRA

  1. Tell me, for how long will you folks be able to maintain this hurrah hurrah narrative about Trump when he has begun saber rattling against Iran and ratcheting it up on a daily basis? I hear that buyer’s remorse has already started setting in within the Kremlin.


    • Look, Trump was a brick thrown at the face of the liberal managerial elite.

      I never gave a shit about the brick, I cared about the face. So the brick is stupid, maybe, so what? It is a brick!


      • I don’t disagree at all with the tactic per se. Russia had to do what it had to do in order to protect itself from continued Yankee irresponsibility and belligerence under the Demonocrats. No blame there in and of itself. However, such bricks have a habit of blowbacking on the throwers, say, like the Molotov/Ribbentrop pact. Nevertheless this thrown prick is now thumping its fists at Iran and could in fact start a major war; and if that war starts with Iran, the brick throwers will hold a heavy responsibility for igniting it.


          • Killary/Dump, same choice; different wrapping, as Trump is proving yet again as we speak. The brick obviously wasn’t thrown in the right direction because you don’t throw bricks at this or that muppet candidate. The brick ought to be thrown instead directly at the system itself, and particularly the deep state and its components. It seems you folks have been played while making you believe you have made a difference. Dump now wants to start a war with Iran then China, after which he will certainly come after Russia as well.


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