Wahhabism is not a “False Flag” | Akira

As soon as news of the latest Wahhabi abomination in Paris broke, the usual suspects of the “Alternative Media” went into overdrive repeating FALSE FLAG over and over and over again, like some retarded spoken word CD stuck forever on repeat. As always, the idiots spasms of the truther derangement display little coherence and no interest at all in what actually happened.

In the mind of the truther the Islamic State is apparently composed entirely of “Crisis Actors”, and the mass graves, the endless atrocities, the brutal defeat of the American trained Iraqi Army, the flood of foreign fighters and Saudi cash, and their takeover of large parts of Iraq and Syria is just another Anglo-Zionist/Space-Lizard ruse to deceive western audiences into supporting a war in the middle east.

Between the bong hits and the chicken wings, our valiant legion of slobbering imbeciles “fight the power” by spreading their stupidity all over the internet. The system is quite happy to encourage this, and so an entire conspiracy-industrial-complex has grown up to feed them a steady diet of toxic drivel that has the same effect on the human mind that a diet of fast food has on the human body. The end result is flabby, retarded, diseased and utterly repulsive to anyone not already converted to the cause.


This truther derangement infiltrated and destroyed the post 9/11 antiwar movement from within, effectively annihilating whatever potential it had to effect real politics. While the truthers were busy worshiping at the altar of the retarded attention whore, the DNC apparatchiks perverted the antiwar movement into a get-out-the-vote campaign for Obama.


You want a Red Pill?

Try asking yourself how such an intelligent primate was so systematically broken that it lost the ability to learn from negative experience. Ask yourself why the supposed resistance is constantly walking straight back into the same ambush over and over and over again, like a broken windup toy. Even a monkey knows when it has been beaten. Even single cell organisms are capable of learning from pain.

American radicals (of both the left & right) almost always react to failure and defeat by sealing off that experience and doubling down on the very strategy that led to the defeat. Is this just an accident? It sure is convenient for the system. A radical movement that didn’t have its head so deep up its own ass could have turned the economic crisis of 2008 to some account. Instead we had leftards playing homeless in the park while the right was busy with birther conspiracy bullshit.

Trutherism is a sort of identity politics of the socially retarded white basement fatty, in some ways an absolutely pure form of identity politics in as much as it is composed entirely of bullshit, existing solely to satisfy the deranged psychosis of the human waste products of western civilization. Every complex human event is reduced to the level of a Saturday morning cartoon or bad action movie, with the truther-tard (of course) cast in the role of the noble internet adventurer fighting against the demonic space lizard conspiracy.

Conspiracy Theory subcultures create safe spaces for idiocy and failure. These subcultures offer a recreational activity that has been entirely sealed off from external reality. They exist solely to satisfy the (usually deeply pathological) emotional needs of their membership. These subcultures are now entirely virtual and evidently breed socially retarded basement fatties that threaten nothing at all.

It would be absurd to accuse the truthers of complicity in this process, because in all truth they are were merely the half-wit pawns of the neo-liberals, predictably enough weaponized against themselves by the very power structure they supposedly oppose.

This is consumerism. This is the waddling remnants of the so-called “master race” jacked up on happy meals and Prozac, projecting their coloring book view of the world onto staggeringly complex geopolitical events that are completely beyond their understanding.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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