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The Russian defense Ministry has denied the plans of the aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov” to refuel in the Spanish port.

No requests on this account the authorities of Spain did not go, I assure in the Ministry of defence. The Ministry of defence said that the aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov” heading to the Russian naval group in the Mediterranean sea, there were no plans to refuel in Spanish port Ceuta. This is stated in received by RBC statement of the official representative of the Russian defense Ministry Igor Konashenkov.

According to him, no requests to the Spanish side from the Russian defense Ministry about the refuelling was not. “Any requests from the defence Ministry to address the Spanish authorities about the arrival of a heavy aviabearing cruiser “Admiral Kuznetsov” for the refueling in the port of Ceuta was not sent. Russian naval aircraft carrier group fully provided with the necessary supplies of material resources to perform tasks in the distant sea and ocean zone in Autonomous mode,” – said Konashenkov.

Publications in foreign media about the alleged planned approach “Admiral Kuznetsov” to refuel at the Spanish port of Ceuta defense Ministry spokesman called speculation.
At the same time, said Konashenkov, a hero could be in agreement with the Spanish side “business approach individual ships or ship security from the Russian naval group”.
However, as noted Konashenkov, representatives of the Spanish authorities announced that “due to pressure from the United States and NATO, the visit of the Russian ships in the port of Ceuta inappropriate”. “This situation does not affect the motion plan of the ship aircraft carrier group by the approved route,” added the Ministry spokesman. – zinc

PS. The hysteria campaign about the “Kuznetsov” continues after the passage through the English channel (it is of course unlimited). Basically, of course it is expressed in the information attacks, but in the case of the question of Ceuta NATO did not miss the opportunity to Express their Fe, transferring information tantrum on a more substantial level. It is noteworthy that amid the bustle around the Aleppo bombing, NATO and To ignore mass casualties among civilians in Mosul and its surroundings, than confirm once again that civilians are not particularly concerned about them – most importantly, to save the rebels in Aleppo from a military defeat. So the dog barks, but the caravan moves on.

In fact, Aleppo today, the army made little to the North of the district Haidari and on the Northern outskirts of Khan. In the South-East of the city continued crackdown on the group that collected the militants to release Aleppo. About the attack on the city it is not, on the contrary, the collected reserves, the militants were forced to leave on hold the front line al-Carasso – hikmah school.The conditions put forward by Russia for the resumption of the humanitarian pause in Aleppo to the West look unacceptable – with his limited influence over the militants, the US and NATO there is no possibility (and desires) to achieve separation of the insurgents in Aleppo and a part of them in Idlib. The same applies to removing barriers to the exit of civilians from militant-controlled areas of Aleppo. Because of this, the fighting continued and the US has no ability to seriously help the rebels by military means.

Instead, the United States announced the preparations for the attack on Raqqa. The idea looks, under current conditions, like an adventure. Previous attempt to attack on Raqqa failed (as well as Syrian-the Russian March on Tabqa), and in the current environment to sign the Kurds to March on Raqqa will be much more difficult, because they are more concerned with confrontation with Turkey to throw their best part in the March to the South, where they are waiting for losses and meaningless battles on the outskirts of Raqqa. So there is more PR and reminder that is announced for 2016-the year of the capture of Raqqa is still supposedly possible. In fact, in 2016, the year of the capture of Raqqa is extremely unlikely as efforts by the US and the Kurds, and the efforts of Russia and Syria. It is a question of 2017, the year, and that the parties will deal with more mundane tasks associated with the occupation of Aleppo and Mosul. Judging by the mood of both the coalition intend to solve their problems before the end of the year. In both cases, it would be an assault of dense residential development with hundreds of thousands civilians, among whom there are several thousands of fighters using civilians as human shields. Because of the nature of the wars in Syria and Iraq, even as many of the actual hostages, the storming of Aleppo and Mosul will not stop.

In the meantime, American and Russian coalition in absentia compete with each other, the Caliphate taking the strategic defensive in Syria and Iraq, continues to expand its influence to other countries. Today black took control of the port city of Kandal in Somalia and it can be expected that in the near future there will be officially proclaimed another province of the Caliphate with the capital in the captured city.The local terrorist group “al-Shabab”, which runs the Affairs in Somalia, cool enough watching this activity because its leaders are more focused on “al Qaeda” and “al-Shabab” on the structure closer to the “al-Nusra”. In this regard, it is possible to repeat the situation in Libya and Yemen, where militants associated with “al-Qaeda” addressed the issues of purity of the Jihad on the battlefield together. However, given the fact that it represents modern Somalia, it is unlikely that someone will surprise.On the other hand, the expansion of the activity of a Caliphate in Somalia, may entail a military intervention by African States bordering Somalia, and the local NATO operations, from which they will be able to increase its influence in the region (especially the United States indirectly participate in the intervention against Yemen).

Stauffenberg was Right!

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