Dugin’s Guideline – The revolution of 1917


Hello, you are watching the program “Directive Dugin”. This is the first Directive in a new 2017. Congratulate you all on Christmas. I hope everyone had awesome post, met and noted the greatest our holiday as it should.

Now by 2017. This year marks the centenary of the terrible and extremely important, tragic, bloody and paradoxical date – a hundred years have passed since the Bolshevik revolution. As well as the February revolution and the abdication of the last Russian Tsar. I think we, as a people, as a society, to reflect on the events of 1917 released a year. Neither more nor less. If all goes well, we’ll do it. Time to realize the node of our history, without which it is absolutely impossible to move anywhere further – neither backward nor forward, neither to the right nor to the left.

Many talk about the need for reconciliation of white and red. I’m sorry, but this question is completely irrelevant and far-fetched. No red, especially whites, today, no. There is a gray, generally have little understanding of ideology and the creative class – mostly blue or rainbow colors. A red and white no. There is only sluggish them simulacra. So this topic in this expression it is better to postpone. To reconcile, it is necessary to have both. And since they are not – maybe by the way, and well, there is – and there is nothing to invent. But to understand the meaning of what happened in 1917 is necessary. Seriously and without hysteria.

First: red and white and then there is a very heterogeneous ideological camps. And maybe it was so tragic, and so in Russian it is silly and bloody, the starting position was determined completely wrong. White and red absolutely wrong aware of themselves and their opponents. Albeit with a delay of a hundred years, but it needs to be corrected.

So, white. They were two completely different ideological poles – conservatives, monarchists, Orthodox, traditionalists, whose platform is basically determined by one concept – the Slavophiles. They sided with the majority of founders of Russian religious philosophy. They have become one of the driving forces of the white movement, but not the only.

The second pole of the whites were Russian liberals. Of course, not like today – they were Russian, real Russian, but, alas, liberals. For them, the monarchy came to life itself, society had to be secular, pragmatic and Western. Russian liberals were triumphant in February 1917. By the way, the vast majority of them were masons. Nothing in common with the Slavophiles and monarchists they had not. This they forced the King to abdicate. And all missed. Then they tried to resist the Bolsheviks, but again relying on the Entente – England and France.

The first white – Slavophiles – heroically right. But he also acted resolutely enough. The second generally will, and if any of them are honest Russian person would call them traitors and agents of influence. But ideologically, between them, actually nothing. Nothing.

Now red. They can be divided into three groups. The first bearers of the Marxist world Outlook, the Communists. The Outlook for Russia is alien, harmful, terrible. Without God, even against the king and against the people. Because the Communists are not people, and classes. That they are responsible for almost all the nightmare of the twentieth century. There is no reconciliation. With these.

The second group: the possessed, the foreigners who hate Russia and Russians with all my heart. It is their descendants form the core of the current Russian liberals. The program they had one – Russophobia. The best of the Russian kill. With these, as with the Marxists, moreover, no reconciliation.

And, finally, the populists often SRS. They became the main driving force of Bolshevism. Communists were one-two and obchelsya, where the industrial proletariat in an agrarian country, and SRS millions. That’s their ideology deserves careful consideration. They are, oddly enough, was also the Slavophiles, but only the left. Beautiful triad Uvarov: Orthodoxy, autocracy, nationality – divided. Right-wing Slavophiles was one of the two poles of white conservatives, monarchists. Left-wing Slavophiles put at the forefront of the nation.And here it is – the root of the long fratricidal war in a century: the Slavophiles the Slavophiles against the destruction, to the slaughter with millions of victims, with the victim and committed the Emperor to the delight of the liberals, the masons, cultists and Russophobes. How is it we are stupid for allowing a way to manipulate.

That’s the conclusion. 1917 divided on different sides of those who were supposed to be on the same side. The right-wing monarchists and left-wing populists wanted, in the end, one. Well, would argue about the methods. But where are the white masons, red monsters and Russophobic stuff? If we would roll them – this fifth column of the early twentieth century – the neck, how many Russian lives, churches, souls and bodies could have been saved…

All the best, you were watching the first program “Directive Dugin” on the centenary of the Bolshevik revolution.

Slavophiles is not just a philosophical movement. It’s those great minds, who, really, responsibly, with all my heart and soul thought of Russia, about its nature about her fate. Their legacy is a starting feature of the understanding of the 1917 revolution.

See the archive transmission – http://tsargrad.tv

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