Dugin’s Guideline – Lenin – our inner phenomenon


Hello, you are watching a program Directive Dugin. Today is the birthday of Lenin. Previously, all Soviet society was raised at the celebration. Now it is a local event, almost negligible. Sic transit Gloria mundi

Could not comment on birthday, especially since the date is not round, but this is the occasion to talk about the fate of Russia in the terrible bloody hard and painful twentieth century. The attitude to Lenin diametrically changed with the end of the USSR. It was considered a Communist Saint, a genius, a prophet, the great Creator, by red Superman. He is credited with the property of eternity and hence the weird Egyptian type structure in the centre of our capital city, where lay the embalmed remains of Lenin.

Then the other extreme: a bloodthirsty dictator, a conspirator, a murderer, the Creator of the totalitarian system, hangman, liar is practically the Antichrist. And as previously his fairly average philosophical works immoderate glorified as the pinnacle of human thought, now, after 1991, Lenin has become the idiot, the maniac, the insane and syphilitic, with a blank stare.

However, in the 2000s there came another turn of our history. Now the liberal 90’s and their Pro-Western anti-Soviet extremes began to cause irritation. Because instead of hateful – though bothered worse a bitter radish late Soviet society – the liberals were forced to play something quite monstrous: perverted copy of the West complete with loss of sovereignty. This indirectly had an impact on Lenin: he isn’t rehabilitated, but stopped cause irritation.Of course, most clearly the nostalgia for the Soviet era – only in contrast with the liberal ugliness 90s manifested itself in an awakened and growing cult of Stalin, where many see the red King, the reincarnation of Ivan the terrible. But Lenin has ceased to be strictly negative. About it to be honest, we just began to forget.

However, it is important that: to move into the future we need to understand Russian twentieth century and in the first place the Soviet period. To understand is not to condemn and not to justify. The figure is not to render a verdict and not to scream with foam at a mouth. Russia in the twentieth century was divided on red and white. The front line ran through living Russian into her Russian soul. Is not true that the Communists were only the fanatics are foreigners, imported in a sealed car from Europe on money of the German General staff. These were our ancestors, the Russian people, who believed in the red utopia and followed her to the end. It was heresy, heterodoxy, it was a bloody atrocity and genocide of the people. But did not someone else, but by ourselves. Lenin is an internal phenomenon. We must first understand it. And then maybe to repent. But maybe not. Until we know everything will be unfair, not truly, not in truth.

But at the same time and glorify – as if nothing had happened – the red tyrant blasphemous. He destroyed the most beautiful things in Russian identity – Orthodoxy, Autocracy, Nationality. He established a dictatorship, which took the lives of millions of Russian people. He had some reasons. In an intellectual sense, the Marxist dialectic however is not sufficient to accept it meekly. We cut out their same – strangled faith, and the elite only in order that in the 90s the former partchinovniki and Komsomol members became as nothing happened in businessmen and oligarchs?Wait: who will answer for this seventy-year-old horror? Blood is not water.

But the appeal to whites is not the answer. With all the heroism of the white guard, and it wasn’t the monarchists, traditionalists, faithful to the great Russian Idea and stood up to face the red Antichrist. Most of these were liberals, opposed the overthrow of the king, but not ready to admit the rightness of Bolshevik fanatics. They glowed with white light, only barely be hallowed just better than hell, but it is too weak to be an alternative choice. Logiska the Church is neither cold nor hot. Can not be said about Lenin. If he was a messenger of hell, he coped with his mission. Here it was hot and burned the whole of Russia.

Lenin: a giant monstrous creature scale. Not dwarf, not mediocrity — the Titan.

Goodbye, you watched a Directive Dugin about Lenin.

If I someone said in the 80s, what will I do on Russian TV a program about Lenin, to whom I then belonged but much worse and more straightforward, I probably would not have believed.

See the program archive – http://tsargrad.tv/

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