Marine Le Pen vs Macron: People vs System | ALEXANDER DUGIN

Alexander Dugin

In the second round of the presidential elections in France, Marin Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron go to the second round.

In the second round of the presidential elections in France, Marin Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron go to the second round.

This is a very interesting situation.

First of all, as in the case of a vote in the US presidential election, we observe a strict division of the entire electorate – more broadly, of all French society into two parts:

1) the people and 2) political globalist elites who have influenced a part of French society and managed  to fool it.

The second round will unequivocally take place as the battle of the people of France against alienated elites. Masks have been dropped: the candidate from the People (Marin Le Pen) against the candidate of  the System (Macron).

Marin Le Pen is a political figure. Macron is a microchip of the System (his French name is “Micron”).

Two other powerful candidates – Fillon and Melanchone — have lost the race. The right wing candidate Fillon, who was severely  attacked by the System from the very beginning of the race because of his friendly statements about Russia, bowed to the the elites concerning Russia and began to express himself more vaguely. And so he has lost.

Marin Le Pen went to Moscow, met with Putin and did not get scared. And she has won. Therefore, she is today the undisputed leader of all French conservative forces. The efforts to demonize her have failed, and her breakthrough in the second round  is a colossal victory. Our victory. Now all the opponents of the «Worlds Swamp» have a symbol – the new Jeanne d’Arc of European politics.

Left populist Melanchon has not succeeded as well to  break out into the second round. By the way he was conducting the election campaign rather successfully. This hereditary Mason, on the one hand, frightened his brothers on the couch with his leftist criticism of the European Union and direct appeals to the masses, who are already frankly hating the globalist elites. But on the other hand, he frightened off  the mentally sane Frenchmen fed up with uncontrolled migration and political correctness. Melanchon spat in the face of the indigenous French, allowing himself racist (anti-white) statements , and was rejected.

Therefore, in the second round there will be not a fight of representative of the right populism and  the representative of the left populism as it could happen if Melanchon preformed better than Macron (who was strictly null). We have other scenario: there will be a clash between Marin Le Pen as a candidate of the People (representing both sides of populism — right and left) and Macron — a pure candidate of the System. The System become more and more manifestly against the People in the increasingly explicit way.  This means that part of Melanshon’s anti-System electorate, as well as part of Fillon’s conservative electorate, will come to Marin Le Pen. It won’t even depend on whom will Fillon and Melanchon  invite their followers to vote for. Fillon has already cowardly called to vote against Marin.

But the People is guided by other way of reasoning. And its sympathies in all full spectrum – from populism (both right and left) to conservatism – today belongs to Marin Le Pen, a candidate of the National Front.

Between the first and second rounds serious surprises can occur, as the system is mortally frightened. We can expect provocations from “anti-fascist” extremists of the George Soros’ army or new terrorist attacks by Islamists. But the most important thing is already clearly indicated: Europe is deeply divided.

There is a Europe of Peoples and Europe of System and they enter into a radical battle with each other.  The System is  we call «big capital», «globalism», «left liberalism», «transnationalism», «gender politics» and «encouragement of uncontrolled migration». The People say to this its decisive «NO». The People choose order, identity and traditional values.

The name of France today is Marin Le Pen. Macron is a System biorobot, a senseless cyborg from the Matrix. The living is fighting with the dead and the battlefield is France.

3 responses to “Marine Le Pen vs Macron: People vs System | ALEXANDER DUGIN

  1. not a bad summary, could of included that like america its a Rothschild candidate vs a Mercer candidate, but with reversed gender roles.
    le pen left the FN so the Pavlovian response is nullified to a degree.
    plus mercers men are already hacking crap out of macron searching for the money trails to him and rothschild’s to dump onto the discourse, shell also target him more on writing the labour reform bills that cause a year of rioting in france.
    le pen wanted macron to run against so she didnt run as hard on him as she could have i suspect, like trump waiting till after sanders was out to really unload on Hillary.

    not that its much of a choice 2 investment banker candidates, would you like the mercer austerity package or the rothschild austerity package?


  2. The Atlantists liberals have managed to promote their candidate, despite the fact that he is unpopular for around 70% of the french people. The mechanism they used is as follows :

    1) Breaking in two parts of the PS (Socialists) :

    the liberal part betraying the party’s official candidate (Hamon), and supporting Macron.
    keeping still Hamon in the competition, in order to prevent an alliance Hamon-Melanchon, that would have reached 25%, and would have led to Melanchon’s victory.

    2) Promoting a candidate that will look “centrist”, using a systematic sophistic discourse, saying A and not-A in the same sentence, reassuring for people having some wealth, and simultaneously reassuring for the “liberal-left”, since he was in Hollande government, and supported by most Hollande ministers (Valls, Le Drian, etc).

    3) Finally, the bedrock of the domination system : the well-established consensus of the political class to unite against the FN, as well as the well-established Pavlov reflex based on the “fear of the extreme-right”. The FN fully playing its role (established by Mitterand) of “negative integrator” of the republic, realizing againt itself the unity of elements of the people that would otherwise be wildly in opposition.

    The whole oligarchic domination mechanism has been unfolded in this election.
    At the beginning, on 11 candidates, 9 had a non atlantist, rather Pro-Russian position, and among them 3 important ones : Mélanchon, Fillon, Maine Le Pen. In the end, the system will succeed in bringing to power the most Atlantist and globalist of all the candidates.

    The liberation from the system could only come from the understanding that today’s France has nothing to do with 1933 Germany. There is not in France today, a mass of 6 millions SS or SA, former soldiers of the German army, which Hitler could use to perform his coup d’etat after his election.On the opposite, the election of Trump, followed by its 180 degrees turn shows that western so-called deep states are much more powerful than isolated elected presidents. If the people understand that the fear of the “extreme-right” inspired by the media and the political class is unreal, then they have an occasion, by voting for Marine Le Pen (even if they don’t agree with her), to destroy definitively this scarecrow that keeps them enslaved, and oblige them to vote for their real oppressors (Macron).

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    • Thanks for the Comment.

      I think Le Pen has a greater chance than any of her Enemies imagine, but it will be a tough fight. Thank God that she is a fighter and not a Trump!


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