5 main characteristics of French presidential election 2017 | Daria Dugina



The 1st round of the presidential elections is held on Sunday, 23 April. The 2nd round will be held on 7 may 2017.  The leaders of the presidential race are Marine Le Pen, Emmanuel Macron and François Fillon.  What are the general characteristics of this elections and how do they differ from all previous presidential elections in the Republic?


1) The main forces and the leaders of the presidential race are not the representatives of classical political parties

The leaders of the presidential race are neither socialists, nor republicans . according to the polls. That shows, that classical “left” and classical “right”-wing politicians may not be represented in the second round. The main opposition in these elections  is between two diametrically opposite forces: the patriotism (the “National Front”) and the globalism (the Macron’s movement “En Marche”).

The French philosopher Alain De Benoit describes this process as the formation of a new split in the political space of France: ‘today’s split is the split of the entire political system into populists (patriots representing the interests of France) and anti-populists (supporters of a unipolar world order)’.

2) The unpredictability of the second round

Who will  face Le Pen in the 2nd round of the elections still rests a mystery. Since February, the polls (such as Ifop and Opinion Way) were showing that in the second round, Le Pen will face Macron. However, after the debates of the candidates for the presidency of France, this confidence was shaken.

The rating of the candidate from the movement “France insoumise” Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who triumphantly and very confidently spoke at the debates, rose sharply. At some moment, Mélenchon beat Fillon in the polls. However, now, according to the Opinion Way and Ifop polls, he remains in fourth place.

At the same time, the Canadian Poll-Center Filteris shows that in the second round, Macron will not be presented and he will take only the fourth place in the first round. In the second round, according to the results of the poll “Filteris”, there will be Le Pen and Fillon. Mélenchon will take the third place in the 1st round.

3) Elections take place during the state of emergency in France

For the first time in the history of France, the elections are held during the state of emergency imposed in November 2015 after the terrorist attacks in Paris. Because of the policy of the EU’s open borders, consistently pursued during the crisis in the Middle East, representatives of radical Islamist organizations penetrated into Europe. This destabilized the internal situation of France, and led to the radicalization of the some groups of  Muslims living in France.

The left-liberal government could not find the ‘way out’ of this crisis: open borders and blind adherence to the policy of Brussels exacerbates the situation. Thus, the terrorist attacks in France have become a tragic everyday occurrence. The last act of terrorism was committed a few days before the first round, on April 20 at the Champs Elysees in Paris. As a result of the shooting one policeman was killed, two were wounded.

The high terrorist threat remains,  in the lists of potential terrorists there are more than 10,000 people fichés S who are in the country, according to the exact expression of Le Pen, “as a potential bomb”. By the way in the program of Le Pen, all the figurants of this list should be deported from the country.

In addition, on the day of the first round, more than 50,000 police and gendarmes were mobilized to ensure the security of elections.

4) The National Front enters the second round with high score

Today’s popularity ratings of the “National Front”are higher than ever. According to polls, Le Pen can become the winner of the first round and get from 23 to 25% of the vote. If we compare  it with the presidential elections of 2002, we see that it’s much higher than Jean-Marie had in 2002 ( he received 16.86%). In the second round, Jean-Marie Le Pen recieved 17.79%. OOpinion Way presents the results according to which in the second round in the case of  the Macron-Le Pen duel, she can take about 40%. This is a record for the party in its history.

5) Solidarity of the System in front of possible victory of Marine Le Pen

The high ratings of the National Front Party and its possible victory in the first round are unplanned for the system. During the pre-election period a huge campaign against Le Pen took place: in the affairs of her party  the ennemies of Le Pen tried to find violations, the European Parliament deprived her of her immunity for a twitter-publication, her speeches were provoked by anti-fascist extremists, at the last performance in Paris, an activist of the Femen movement staged a provocation on stage during the performance of Le Pen. On the day of the first round at the polling station in Hénin-Beaumont, extremists from the Femen also staged a provocation.

in addition, a hashtag “Nuit des barricades” appeared in the social networks, indicating the planned for 23th of April events , organised by  anti-fascist radicals, anarchists and anti-racist movements (sponsored by Soros) to protest Le Pen’s victory in the first round (which is very Likely). The campground is planned to be arranged on the Place de la Bastille.

At the same time, the system can go to extreme measures if Le Pen wins in the second round. Taking advantage of the 16th article of the French Constitution. The state of emergency in the country, the “Maydan” in the Place de la Bastille, the riots of anti-fascist radicals, the probable protests in the Arab quarters of France -all this could theoretically lead to the cancellation of the election results.

The “system”, the globalist elites and the defenders of the unipolar world order doesn’t not want to have a  representative of the people  as a president.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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