Dugin’s Guideline – Pathogenic – Russian society


Today in Moscow starts the Christmas reading. The theme this time, selected a very sharp and hard. Assessment of the 1917 Revolution. Instead of quiet, soothing, unhurried conversations about matters of religion, it was decided to affect things painful and scary, but most relevant to our history, our faith, our Russian fate.

In psychology there is such concept – “pathogenic nucleus”. It is a theme, things, situations, personalities, events, memories that cause me so much pain that he always tries to avoid them, to avoid, to slide on the surface. After all, if you delve into the pathogenic core, will reveal the deep internal problems, remorse, resentment, terror, fear, remorse, hate, humiliation, shame – the man is extremely difficult to live with.

The revolution of 1917 is the pathogenic core of our society. This event came together extremely painful threads of our history, naked nerves, repressed thoughts, repeatedly procesuiranim reaction. So we often dismiss the thought about the year 1917 trite cliches. And now, not someone else, namely the Russian Orthodox Church provides us with courage to refer to that source of mystery, but acute pain.

How should the fact that 100 years ago, a group of fanatics with very dubious maniacal totalitarian ideology seized power in the Russian Orthodox Empire? How the Bolsheviks were able to carry out large-scale genocide of the Russian people, cut at the root of the aristocracy, to destroy the Church, to send intellectual elite philosophical boat, to destroy the peasantry, to drive people over the barbed wire? How was this possible? As we made? Who is to blame? And what to do about it?

I’m afraid that the simple and obvious answers public it is not and never can be. If pathogenic – recovered primitive medication, it would not be what it is. So all who are waiting for simple solutions and ready answers, I am disappointed. Yes there was a conspiracy was the work of foreign agents, was a betrayal, it was the complicity of the commoners and the ruling class, was the revenge of the foreigners great people, was a disappointment and the alienation of people in the westernized nobility, was the error of the tsarist government.But all the same as in an Orthodox country with a beautiful and courageous Russian people-God-bearer could happen this bloody nightmare, almost destroy the people, the power, Orthodoxy does not explain it all. Conspiracies, dissatisfaction, mistakes, the work of foreign agents – it is always there. Why in 1917, however, did it?

I, like you, like all of us, don’t know the answer. But that means we have to find him. We must live this tragedy in your consciousness, in historical memory, in our conversations, thoughts, debates, never to experience something like this in reality. If we do not direct the glance of the mind, of consciousness pathological-October 1917 and, by the way, not
less tragic and dramatic despicable Feb 17th year, we will carry the root of a split, unconscious intrusion of projections and pathologies.

It is very important that the subject of 1917 in Russian history, puts the Church. The Russian Church is the Church of the martyrs. No one was injured from the Bolsheviks, like the Russian Orthodox Christianity. It is the priesthood and believers in General have been the main object of the Bolshevik genocide. But the Church lives forever. Therefore, all of the earth is seen here as relative, transient, like a storm in a sea of passion. And the Church can not be revenge, may not be unique, but can be angry. The Church has the wisdom, compassion, experience your pain inside and pain of all others.

Russia lives, lived and will live not for themselves. For Christ. And if we were released immense suffering, it must have meaning. If suffering has meaning, it is still possible to migrate. Unbearable just meaningless suffering. We will not refund the victims of Communist terror. But if we rightly consider the year 1917, we will refund our history sense.

All the best, have you watched “Directive Dugin” about Christmas readings and their main topic – 1917.

When thinking about 1917 we certainly need to discard any dogmatism. First of all, the Communists, who so anything is still not understood, but Pro-Western liberals, which is alien to the logic of our history. By the way, they said. Enough. Neither the Communists, nor the liberals
better at the Christmas readings the right to vote not to give. But the rest of to give. And most importantly, we should hear the voice of the spirit. The quiet voice of the spirit.

See the archive transmission – http://tsargrad.tv

Stauffenberg was Right!

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