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Greetings, you’re watching Dugin’s Guideline.

Some days ago it was Super Tuesday in the US. Of course, everyone’s attention is focused on the unconventional Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

Two days ago one of the most important stages of the presidential race in the United States, Super Tuesday, came to an end. Residents of states that voted during Super Tuesday made their choice known. Donald Trump once again proved his leadership in the Republican race. He is likely to face Hillary Clinton at the November elections.

The fact that, for the first time in decades, a truly independent candidate can be nominated in the presidential elections horrifies the current American elites. Trump is under fire from both Republican Party colleagues and Democrats. Influential neocons are in the forefront of this attack. A leading media outlet associated with this group, the Weekly Standard, published an article written by a neocon and chairman of the American Mars Society, Robert Zubrin, about Alexander Dugin openly supporting Donald Trump.


Dugin’s endorsement of Trump is noteworthy, particularly in view of the fact that he has been given the role of organizing Eurasianist fifth columns supporting the Putin regime in western countries

Robert Zubrin

Other mainstream liberal media outlets, including the popular, also supported this effort.

A few years ago, Dugin’s writings and his far-right neo-imperialist ideology of “Eurasianism” were considered core to Vladimir Putin’s worldview and his agenda.

Max Fisher:

The group of neoconservatives, who earlier fully controlled the Republican Party, is infuriated by Trump’s success, and is intensifying their attempts to denigrate him. Due to the obsession with the fake Russian threat, they couldn’t find an accusation more fearful that my support for him. This shocking “truth” was exposed by certain Robert Zubrin, a guy who has two aims in life: colonizing Mars and exposing Dugin’s fifth column in the West. Good choice Weekly Standard!

I do not begrudge you. I really like Donald Trump. But I detest the crazy warmongering neoconservatives, sodomite Rubio and hypocrite pseudo-Christian Cruz. I don’t like this stuff at all.

Donald Trump is the most right-wing candidate of the Republican Party, but not like the insane disabled McCain or the ex-Trotskyist neoconservatives, obsessed with the idea of world dominance. These people would look more right wing than Trump, but adhere to the same Trotskyist policy of hegemony.

Trump is the voice of the real right-wing in America, which, in fact, doesn’t care about foreign policy and American hegemony. It only cares about the Second Amendment and the good-old traditions of the single-storied or, at least, two-storied America, a predictable way of life on the ranch and expressing freedom wherever they like, but not how the liberals prescribe it. It is a nice America, often religious, sometimes silly, preconceived, unpretentious – just ordinary people without any special talents but also without perversions. There are few people of this kind in the American elite, or perhaps none at all. Trump is an exception, a normal American among the elitist circus.

Trump is gaining more and more unexpected supporters. Recently, the Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan supported him. He has more than 15 million followers. The explanation is simple: Farrakhan severed his ties with the Saudi Wahhabis and moved closer to Iran. It is a perfect choice! That means: vote for Trump!

In fact, there is also the phenomenon of Bernie Sanders. He is on the side of the far-left. At the same time, he is a member of the ultraliberal establishment, but panders to socialism, which is banned by the same American elite. The democrats have fixed their eyes on his battle against the saxophonist’s wife. Hilary constantly loses, but her well-arranged “storm-troopers” succeed in falsifying the results and convincing electors. So, there is nothing more stupid and fake than the American vote counting system. It is a disgrace, and not a democracy! The majority votes for Sanders, but Clinton wins, bribing the electors. How dare they lecture us about human rights and the fight against corruption!


Sanders represents the American left – normal America – which passionately pursues social justice. Consequently, I cannot be sure there is a lack of perversion. But I should admit, despite the liberal dogmas, the ordinary Americans don’t believe in self-reliance and wouldn’t mind if the State started to care about them more. This, pardon the expression, is socialism.

The real American majority – the silent and dispossessed American majority – has no proper representation in the elite. And, in fact, they are between Trump and Sanders, but are the opposite of Hilary, Rubio, Cruz. That means the American society is more right than Trump, but at the same time is more left than Sanders. That’s real America, American America, which has found itself caught in the liberal globalist sect’s trap, obsessed with the new world order and focused on the interests of the world financial elite, instead of the ordinary American majority.


This is the first truly interesting election. It shows that America is on the brink of a revolution, especially if the elite won’t give the power to people.

Goodbye, you’ve watched Dugin’s Guideline on Super Tuesday.

I’ve got a feeling that the liberals themselves won’t leave the US and humanity alone. We should help them to do it.






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  16. I had no idea Dugin had such a slick media operation. This is amazing! Of course, I agree with what he has said, Trump represents the concerns that political correctness has silenced in America.


  17. Wouldn’t it be nice if the US stopped creating murder and mayhem, even if only for a handful of years? Trump may be a nut job, but is he any more weird than Rubio, Cruz or Clinton? The latter would continue to slaughter civilians as has the previous presidencies, with no let up. Give the world a break, after all the massacres of the last fifty years brought about by the US, how can Trump do any worse(for the rest of the world that is).


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