General Suhail Suhail in Deir ez-zor | Colonel Cassad

In the afternoon, advance elements of the 17th division, special forces “Tiger” backed by tanks and led by a demining machine were able to walk to the base of the 137th brigade, where they met with its defenders. The attempt of ISIS to counterattack in the region of the oil fields in al – Mazra (South-West base of the 137th brigade.) failed.

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Deir ez-Zor. 05.09.2017. Day | Colonel Cassad

On the morning of 5 September the main forces of the Northern group of the SAA has closed the last 2 kilometers to the positions of the SAA in the area of 137th base and now officially confirm the release of the enclave, although the special forces arrived 2 days ago, and already started celebrating. In this case, as previously, the town itself is largely under the control of the Caliphate and his release remains a separate and very difficult task. Also not yet released is the airfield.

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Deir ez-Zor Liberated | Colonel Cassad

This is a very symbolic day for the Syrian war. The garrison repelled dozens of attacks and assaults, even being in split into two parts, besieged, deprived of a full supply, and yet confounded all the skeptics waiting for reinforcements.

Of course, this is only the formal access to the base. Need to tighten up supply, you need to connect with a garrison cut off of from the air base. You need to clear the areas North and South of the area extending to the city and need to prepare for hard battles for the liberation of that part of the city, which still holds the militants.

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