Yemeni Missile Hit King Salman Airbase Near Saudi Capital | SOUTHFRONT

Last night, Houthi forces launched a Borkan-2 (Volcano-2) ballistic missile against the King Salman Airbase near the Saudi capital of Riyadh. The video below shows the moment when the missile was launched by Houthi fighters.

Over 100 ballistic missiles had been used by Houthi forces against Saudi military targets in and outside Yemen so far, according to pro-Houthi sources.


A ballistic missile hit the King Salman Airbase near the Saudi capital of Riyadh, according to the pro-Houthi al-Masirah TV channel.

The report say that Yemeni forces conducted a missile launch last night and the missile hit the target.

This was the second missile launch against the King Salman Airbase reported by pro-Houthi media within six months.

Houthi forces reportedly used the Borkan-2 (Volcano-2) ballistic missile. It is said that the Borkan-2 has a range of 1400 km and is equipped with an interception avoiding smart warhead.





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