Ukrainian arms to Syrian rebels | Colonel Cassad


In addition to the recent material about supplies of Bulgarian weapons through Saudi Arabia to terrorists in Syria.
The Syrians reported finding a similar channel weapons to terrorists, now with Ukraine. As in the case of Bulgaria, the weapons are purchased through Saudi Arabia, and then the buyer is delivered to Syria, where transmitted to various jihadi groups “to fight against the regime”. – fully here

Noteworthy is the document at the beginning of 2014, which contains information about the purchase of a large batch of various weapons Soviet production, obviously designed for war in Syria, as the army of Saudi Arabia did not yet mired in the Yemen war, and in General it focuses on the weapons of Western origin.

Of course, this document says nothing about how this order was implemented and how its implementation influenced the consequences of the coup and the war in the Donbas, which in 2014 led to the cancellation of military contracts because of the urgent need to arm APU for war with its own population. But given the fact that the Syrians write about what weapons from Ukraine was found in the liberated from the militants areas, at least a portion of the purchase themselves quite reached the “end user”.


Stauffenberg was Right!

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