The battle for al-Bab. 11.01.2017 | Colonel Cassad


Insurgent “Free Syrian Army” over the body of his brother who was killed in combat with the Caliphate under al-Bab. Textured photo.

The Turks are still unable to make significant progress to the West of the city, but active air strikes of the Turkish and Russian air forces and should, in principle, set the stage for breaking DAESH’s defenses.

Full-fledged offensive from the West has not yet started. Some of the successes of the Turks and FSA are observed to the East of al-Bab in the area Kaisina, but the pace of progress here is very slow, the Turks clearly want to pre-cut Cubicin from the main forces of the Caliphate and move to the city from the North-East.

The assault on al-Baba November-January.

Potential pattern of action – environment Kalisina and promotion to the height of tal-Batman to reach the approaches to the Northern outskirts of al-Bab.

The potential impact of the SAA to the North of Covaris, where from December accumulated troops. It is not excluded that the air strikes videoconferencing in the district Tarifa carried out in the interests of this offensive.

There is a strong feeling that in 1-2 weeks under the al-Bab will begin to unfold the active event.

Plus some new photos from under al-Bab.

Turkish soldiers killed by al-Bab.

Turkish armored truck destroyed near al-Bab.


Stauffenberg was Right!

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