Dugin’s Guideline – Liberalism dies

Russia will soon simply because the circumstances have to be in a situation of mobilization. This will affect everything – not only the army, the army and so mobilized, because we are fighting in Syria, in the full sense of the word. This Touches the entire society. And here the vestiges of liberalism, trailing since the Yeltsin era, they can not survive. They have completely lost all meaning.

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Three options | Colonel Cassad

The Syrian leadership has offered the militants surrounded in Aleppo three possible variants of future developments, in addition to the obvious military scenario in which many people will die and most of the fighters.

1. To drop the weapon and surrender, after which they can expect the legalization and subsequent Amnesty.

2. To evacuate from Eastern Aleppo to all parts of Syria for their choice with what you can carry. (in fact, this scenario is surrender Deraa).

3. To evacuate civilians from East Aleppo (in order to avoid unnecessary casualties among civilians)

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American Threats | Colonel Cassad

The catastrophic decline of the influence of the outgoing administration could be observed on the Senate vote to overcome Obama’s veto, forbidding to sue Saudi Arabia in connection with the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

Therefore, threats from Kerry are enough empty threats from a lame duck. In the worst case, we will see a continuation of the ongoing escalation, or more likely, preservation of the current situation to Obama transfer of power to his successor.

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