Dugin’s Guidleine – The knights Templar and the Great Parody


October 13, 1307 French king Philip the fair ordered the arrest of members of the knights Templar including Grand master Jacques de Molay. 7 years later, Jacques de Molay was burned in Paris on the Western tip of Ile de La Cité on charges of heresy. This place is still possible to see the modest table.

All the vast wealth of the Templars was seized by the king and partly of the Popes. But the legend of the Templars, their treasure, their secret teachings and rituals is still alive. Many modern Western secret societies – with base or not – erect it to them their origin.

Earlier the Templars were medieval monk respected organization. It was created in the Holy land in Palestine in 1119, Hugues de Payne and a group of his friends. The purpose of the Order was the protection of pilgrims flock to the Holy land from the Saracens and the defense of the Holy Sepulchre.

It is believed that the Order was founded on the Temple mount in a place called “the dome of the Rock”, where now is al-Aqsa mosque, and previously housed the Second Temple, destroyed by the Romans in the year 70 A. D.

St. Bernard Of Clairvaux

The Charter of the Order, wrote extremely popular in the West, Catholic Saint Bernard of Clairvaux. It was officially registered as a monastic order at the Council of Troyes in 1128. After that, the Order is growing rapidly and gets the right to move freely throughout the territory of the Western Christian world, not pay taxes and do including banking operations.

To carry money in Europe at that time was dangerous because of the savage assault of the European population, so the Templars gave special notes for travellers in return for which they could get coins in other kommandostab, and to travel freely and lightly. It was a type of credit system or hawala system operating in some Islamic societies.

Since most of the confessions of the Templars had been extracted under torture, it is not known whether they evolved from exemplary military monastic order – the oldest and largest in Europe (before the Templars were created, only the Order of the Hospitallers, later known as the knights) – was reborn as a heterodox sect.

Or these charges served as a cover for the greedy French monarchs, who decided to assign their wealth. In any case, after the official ban of the Templars were scattered, their komandorska closed and the remnants fled to Spain and Portugal. There they lost the trail completely.

However, the European Freemasonry, which appeared in the XVII-th and became particularly active from the XVIII century, gradually turning into a significant political and intellectual power, has declared its succession to the Templars. The Masonic community has developed numerous by Templar legends, including that they were the pioneers of the banking system.

Their appeal to the Temple of Solomon has been interpreted in General for Freemasonry iudeyskoy the key and in the context of a General fascination with the exotic masons occult teachings.

Already in the XVIII century there were whole movements who, based on materials of questioning and accepting all accusations of “Satanism” Templar for a pure coin, decided to revive the “satanic cults” and “rituals”, including service to the statue of Baphomet (probably invented by the inquisitors), the practice of ritual sodomy, and other disgusting rituals.

In the era of the French revolution, at the head of which stood the leaders of the French radical Freemasonry, the assassination of king and the desecration of Catholic churches was accompanied by constant appeals to the knights Templar. All of it was served allegedly as revenge for the execution of Jacques de Molay.

It is not clear whether there were at least some connection between the historically recorded “neotelecom” masons, liberals, bankers, autopilot, Satanists and medieval order, disappeared in the fourteenth century. A length of 300 years is absent. But for the sociologist it’s not how it really is, and what he thinks the society.


And European society, and especially his progressive liberal elite, starting with the Enlightenment, have created a persistent myth that the knights Templar were a sort of heralds of European modernity – capitalism, bankocracy, secret societies, cosmopolitanism, atheism, anti-Christianity (through Satanism), secularism and even of the European Union and perverts of the LGBT community.

So October 13 is the day when all this above came to an end.

I still think, following Guenon, that we are talking about the real usurpation of symbols and great parody. In the end, the real slogan of the ancient Templars were the beautiful words of the hymn: Non nobis, Domine, non nobis, sed Nomine Tuo da gloriam. The exact opposite of liberalism.

Подробнее: Александр Дугин: Тамплиеры стали жертвами узурпации символов и великой пародии https://z5h64q92x9.net/proxy_u/ru-en.en/tsargrad.tv/article/2016/10/13/aleksandr-dugin-tampliery-stali-zhertvami-uzurpacii-simvolov-i-velikoj-parodii


Подробнее: Александр Дугин: Тамплиеры стали жертвами узурпации символов и великой пародии https://z5h64q92x9.net/proxy_u/ru-en.en/tsargrad.tv/article/2016/10/13/aleksandr-dugin-tampliery-stali-zhertvami-uzurpacii-simvolov-i-velikoj-parodii

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